Leo Varadkar and Pierce Doherty make a personal insult at Doyle

Tánaiste and Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty clashed in a violent exchange of personal insults at Dail.

Leo Varadkar and Dougherty were discussing the cost of living crisis when Fine Gael leaders were accused of being “out of contact” on the issue.

Doherty, a financial spokesman for the Sinn Féin party, said Tanaiste should be “a little more humble” in his answer, given that the DPP is considering allegations against him under the Corruption Act. ..

In a leader’s question, Dougherty accused Dougherty of throwing another “cheap shot” and a very personal shot.

“It tells a lot about you, and the nature and character of what you are, and it’s especially strange to come from you because you were charged,” Varadkar added.

“You abused and abused the Irish police. You were found guilty because you were charged.

“Yes, you fled uncertainly because of your age at the time. But you were actually charged and arrested. That’s what happened to you.

“Your party and your wider Republican family have a number of convicted criminals, whether or not they are tax evaders like Slav Murphy, a good Republican. increase.

“People convicted of murder. We know your party’s attitude towards rape and pedophiles and what you did in connection with it.

“So your cheap shots tell you more about you than they do about me.”

A line erupted after Doherty commented on a supper hosted by Balladkar on Wednesday.

Balladkar said the statement was a “cheap shot.”

He added:

“You host a supper in the United States. You charge a $ 1,000 plate to attend people and your leader flies first class to get there.

“That’s what you’re in the midst of a living cost crisis, and I’m telling her [Mary Lou McDonald] She is about to announce another prestigious trip to Australia. She will clink a glass of champagne with an Australian Trinity graduate and meet with the Australian Business Association.

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar was involved in a personal interaction with Pearse Doherty. Photo: Brian Laures / PA

“This is a cheesy shot, especially from a hypocritical party like you, a party that receives millions of donations from Vagabond living in a caravan.

“One of the largest landlords in the state, the party that runs the constituency office using public funds from some Republican companies.

“Especially cheap shots from you should be considered from the Irish people.”

X Leo Varadkar and Pierce Doherty make a personal insult at Doyle

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