Leonie Eloise Jones-Nassau Guardian

The funeral of Leonie Eloise Jones, 81, a former Mangrove Cay resident of the Premier Way at Blue Hill Heights, will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2022 at the Chapel on the Hill on the Tonyk Williams Darling Highway. At 11:00 am, with the support of Rev. Alan Strachan, Rev. Arlington Raming will be the moderator. Burials continue on the Southern Cemetery, Cowpen, and Spykeners Roads.

Leonie is lovingly remembered after his parents Emerald and Alfeus Jones Sr. died. Her (2) daughter, Ingrid Hunt, Lenny Simonette, her (2) sons Michael (Joan) Demeritte and Derrick Burrows, (2) sisters Brenda Banister (Freeport) and Karen Mieronen (Finland), (2) Brothers Alfeus (Stephanie) Jones Jr. (Tronto, Canada) and Calvin Jones, (1) Aunt Blanc Hilda Jones (1) Uncle Rodney Jones (Fort Pierce, Florida), (1) Granddaughter Diamond Demeritte (Atlanta, Georgia), (5) ) Grandson Jamal Demeritte (Florida), Michael Bowleg Jr., Darren Symonette, Damarjee Hunt, Michael Demeritte Jr., Dante Demeritte, (1) My niece Alarice Jones (Tronto Canada), (2) Nephew Julian (Sophie), Vernon Jones (Tronto Canada), (2) nephew Tate and Eden Jones (Tronto Canada); cousins: Therma Johnson, Janet McKee, children of the late Stella Sawyer, Herman Roll, Nicholas & Elon Roll, Marjorie Stuart, Lauren Clark, Glorin Seymour, Sheila Smith, Roland Roll, Geraldine Ferguson, Stephanie King, Joan Demeritte, Leonard Longley, Wendal & Stanley Dames, Mildred Butler, Roselda Sawyer, Theresa Butler, Henry & Ralphael Whyms , Venus Ryan, Reorien Rolle, Carmetta Burns & Family, late Florence Brown children, late Mable Strachan children, late Irene Davis children, late Nora Jones children-New Bold, late Jack & Catherine Longley children, late Jonathan -Roll Jr. Children, The Wimes, Brynen, Longley, Hinge, Dancom & Nairn Families, Kendal Wright, Bridget Williams, Kimberly Thurston and Theodore Wright.

Friends: Beryl Bastian, Joyce Limbastian, Prescorama McPhee, Former Bayside Howard Johnson Family, Prophet Trevor Stubs, Prophet Patrick Miller, Bridget Fox Bonaby, Dudley Cyfeld, Baltimore Lane Haven, West Palm Beach Shabonna Booker, Edward Flympony Odd Iatlanta, Olive Hannah, Myrtle Curry, Del Major, Dino Munro and Family, Jackie Dean, Audrey Woodside, Shirley Reed, Marjorie Evans, Charmine Archer, Mizupa Munro, Bishop Ross Davis and Family, Rev. Merian Roberts, Valentino Gay and Family, Farquharson Family, Pratt Family, Odessa Francis and Family, Jasmine Morley and Family, Prestigious MP Mario Bowleg, Judiciary, Supreme Court, Attorney General’s Office, Neonatal Intensive Treatment Room, Bahama Central Bank, Bahama Bowling Federation, Bahama Roadmaster, Golden Gates Parliamentary Guide, Dr. Anseia Carrie, Dr. Edwin Demerit, and many other friends and relatives.

Friends can pay their final respect at Market Street, the funeral hall of the disadvantages, from 10 pm to 5 pm on Fridays and from 10 am to service hours on Saturdays. Leonie Eloise Jones-Nassau Guardian

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