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Job postings at Cruise Line’s Perfect Day at Coco Cay received 62 offers

Nassau, Bahamas — when Leslie Gibson accepts a position at Royal Caribbean International’s PerfWhen he spent ect Day in Coco Cay at the height of the COVID pandemic, he never imagined the opportunity would lead to his dream job.

“The craziest thing is that I’m alive now, that I dreamed of,” said Gibson, now based in Miami.

“I studied engineering, but I prayed for a job that would allow me to travel and work outside my hometown. I love the Bahamas and am always ready to go home. provided to.”

Gibson said he found a foothold in human resources after friends and family saw his natural affinity for working with people to solve problems.

Gibson joined Royal Caribbean in June 2020 as a Human Resources Specialist for Coco Kay. There he worked for 11 months before he moved to corporate and was selected to recruit private his island experience around the world on a larger scale. A role that has expanded to include onboard recruitment.

Gibson’s promotions reflect the corporate culture of promoting from within. Royal Caribbean International’s President and CEO, Michael Bailey, began his career as a purser on the company’s ships and now operates 26 ships and his workforce of over 77,000. Cruz has risen to become the head of his line.

In just two years, Gibson has helped recruit over 300 people in the Bahamas, over 100 at Labadee in Haiti, and over 1,000 to work on Royal Caribbean ships.

“I think the reason I love being a recruiter is because I can help people find their dreams,” Gibson said.

“Some people don’t even know they’re good at certain things, but I can help them get over it by giving them the opportunity to work with us.”

Gibson recently traveled to Dominica and St. Vincent as part of a recruitment effort for Royal Caribbean. He was recently at a job fair in Nassau. That’s when Royal Caribbean put out offers to Coco he hoped to fill several different positions for Kay. .

The exercise was part of a larger regional hiring effort to attract more Bahamian and Caribbean talent for Royal Caribbean’s private destinations and its ships. Royal Caribbean’s talent acquisition director Cindy Williams said the company will be back “better than ever.”

“We have a strong employer brand and with the addition of our new crew members to Royal Caribbean, we are committed to serving you better than ever before,” she said.

Gibson said the size of the post-pandemic boom is evident in CocoKay’s guest numbers.

“We used to see only 2,000 to 3,000 guests a day at CocoCay, but now we’ve gone up to 10,000 guests and two boats a day,” says Gibson. “So the number of employees he had was 350-450, and now he has about 600 employees for a conference call a day.”

Royal Caribbean President Michael Bailey announced earlier this year his intention to hire more Bahamians.

Gibson says that goal is just a microcosm of the company itself, keeping diversity and inclusion as key priorities.

“I have colleagues from all over the world,” he said.

Recalling Royal Caribbean’s swift response to Hurricane Dorian in 2019, Gibson said the company’s passion for its employees was a big factor in its decision to take its first job at the cruise line.

“I chose Royal because of some of the things they have done,” he said. “When Hurricane Dorian hit these islands, the Royal Caribbean were some of the first people on the ground. I’m not going to talk about the people employed by the Royal Caribbean. They were in the hundreds. We spent millions of dollars helping our employees get back on their feet.”

Dorian made history as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded, but it scrambled to provide affected people with food, water, shelter and medical supplies. The rushed response of Royal Caribbean was not particularly unusual for the company.

“When I say this, I mean any disaster,” Gibson said.

“In 2020, we had a typhoon in the Philippines,” he added. “We have helped so many team members of his to bring their families home and this happens all the time. We always put our employees first.” Leslie Gibson becomes first Bahamian to land at Royal Caribbean headquarters – Eye Witness News

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