“Lessons Learned”, But No Details of Royal Review of Megan’s Bullying Claims

Buckingham Palace did not provide details on the report’s conclusions, but said it learned lessons after considering allegations of bullying by royal officials against Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

The HR review last year 3 after the Times reported to Megan, the American wife of Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry, that she had allegedly shed some of her assistants and treated others badly. Stopped announced by the palace in March.

The couple issued a statement denying that she had bullied someone, and in an interview with Oprah Winfrey shortly thereafter, she accused the palace of being a “permanent falsehood.”

Michael Stevens, the Queen’s Treasurer, known as the Keeper of the Privy, said a privately funded review conducted by an independent law firm to investigate the processing of allegations and improve all practices. The royal family said it was set in.

“The review is complete and we have made recommendations on our policies and procedures,” Stevens told reporters. “But I won’t comment anymore.”

According to a Times report, senior aides to Harry and Megan claimed in October 2018 that the Duchess had bullied some of her assistants, and the prince urged the aides to withdraw the matter. It didn’t progress after that.

The palace ordered a review “very concerned” and all participants, including current and former staff, were informed of the results. Royal sources did not reveal whether the Duchess himself was involved.

“I think the goal has been achieved because I learned the lessons,” said a senior royal source.

Excessive spending

Stevens spoke while detailing an annual report on spending and income funded by Queen taxpayers, known as Soveringland, issued Thursday.

This is about £ 102m ($ 124m) in official spending from 2021 to 22 and will be allocated for official royal travel, property maintenance, and operating expenses for the 96-year-old Queen’s household. It shows that it was above £ 86 million.

Since 2017, the Queen has received additional public funding to pay £ 369m for a 10-year repair of Buckingham Palace to replace aging dangerous electrical wiring and boilers. Covers additional spending.

Another blow to the royal palace states that it costs £ 1.29 a year per Briton, but the additional money that comes primarily from selling tickets to visit the royal palace is before the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to that, it decreased by 50% to £ 10 million. ..

Overall, travel costs were just under £ 2.5 million and Prince William and his wife Kate’s Caribbean tour was £ 226,383.

“We make it a reality that there is always a tension between the travel that accompanies the head of state and the role of head of state and the fulfillment of our desire for the environment,” Stevens said. Said.

(Reuters) “Lessons Learned”, But No Details of Royal Review of Megan’s Bullying Claims

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