Levitz encourages the creation of local government associations / article

new Local Autonomy Law Provide a locally elected council of residents.

The president said that as a side effect of the governorate reform, creating larger and more economically powerful local governments has pushed elected representatives away from the population. “After the Reformation, it seemed unacceptable to me that people in small towns and parishes had no representation. In cities, residents no longer elect representatives of local interests,” said Levits.

Therefore, when the Administrative Territorial Reform Law was adopted, the Latvian president repeatedly addressed Saima and the Cabinet, demanding a law containing rules for the establishment of elected local councils. This is now subject to the Local Autonomy Act.

Levits said local communities need to be able to address local issues. There are local, municipal, regional, national, European and global issues. Local issues will always exist and are best understood by local communities and best addressed in collaboration with local governments. A new local government law allows residents to choose a parish or small town council and requires counties to create such.”

The discussion was organized by the think tank ‘Solido’ and the Adazi Municipal Districts Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

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