LG launches new series of OLED TVs in Taiwan

LG Electronics launched The new series of OLED TVs, including the Objet lineup in Taiwan, aims to increase OLED TV sales by 30% year-on-year in 2022.

New products include the 4KG2 and C2OLED series, the Objet Collection series, and the QNEDmini LED backlit TV. LG Taiwan said at a recent product event in Taipei that G2 series products are available in 83, 65 and 55 inch sizes, and the company plans to launch a 97 inch model in the fourth quarter of 2022. rice field.

C2 series OLED TVs are available in 83, 65, 55, 48 and 42 inch sizes and prices range from NT $ 59,900 to NT $ 394,900 (US $ 2,037-US $ 13,427).

The company highlighted a 65-inch OLED Objet TV with a 5th generation a9 processor combined with a ThinQ AI application. According to company sources, the Objet series models are designed for creative events and commercial activities.

Meanwhile, LG also announced a new QNED mini LED backlight lineup featuring LG’s quantum dot and nanocell technologies.

While most market observers are conservative about TV demand in the second half of this year, LG believes that entry-level and mid-range models will be most affected, with high-end model sales continuing to be on a growth track.

However, LG Taiwan sources pointed out that despite recent panel price cuts, the prices and logistics costs of related TV chips are still high.

Although the tight supply of some TV chips has eased, the TV industry still faces the challenge of ensuring a sufficient supply of TV processors, resulting in increased cost pressure on TV makers. The line continues. LG launches new series of OLED TVs in Taiwan

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