LGBT+ Rights in the Visegrad Group

Aug 17, 2022 11:09 Me premium content

But the gender protocol that helped the new rankings was recently stopped.

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Slovakia beat out its neighbors in the new ranking for LGBT+ rights thanks to a rule on gender recognition, but the rule has been suspended since survey information was collected.

of Rainbow Europe Survey LGBT+ rights group ILGA Europe has ranked the legal and policy situation for LGBT+ people in 49 countries across Europe from January to December 2021.

Slovakia has the highest score among the Visegrad group of countries, which includes the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, and an LGBT+ rights score, despite not officially recognizing same-sex marriage or civil unions legally. In total, we won 34% of the total. The website says:.

High on the list was a new law that abolished the need for transgender people to undergo surgical sterilization as a precondition for changing legal recognition. Gender Recognition Protocol has since been stopped.

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