“Librarians are not considered an important profession” – librarian

Unfortunately, librarianship is not considered an important profession, and libraries can lose their importance, said librarian Christopher Silia.

The National Library of Malta in Valletta, often known as the Biblioteca, is seen as a ‘bridge’ between scholars, students and children to the country’s vast history and heritage. The Library of Malta incorporates the National Library, the Central Public Library, the Gozitan Public Library, the Central Library and all regional branch libraries and the National Bibliographic Office.

Offering an outlet for people to connect with their Maltese identities, the Library holds many precious and precious treasures available to all.

malta independence on sunday He is currently doing an internship at the National Library within the Conservation Department. He is responsible for ensuring that the library’s collections are in good working order and plays an important role in the preservation of literary works.

Asked about an average day’s work at the library, Cilia said that besides the standard tasks of cataloging, classifying books, and ordering resources, the team was also tasked with ordering specific specialized collections and books for Meritencia. He also said he was focusing on when they come out. According to Cilia, these collections run out of stock quickly, so they’re working hard to make them available as soon as possible.

“We are also IT specialists, and we are also focused on open access resources. There is a lot of work and work being done. It manages, organizes, evaluates and distributes the work, paying particular attention to the students, as well as specific academic subjects that develop professional knowledge,” said Cilia.

Syria was asked about the Conservation Department, which involves the work being done behind closed doors in the library.

“Most of the time, people who are studying librarians by degree never actually see what goes on behind closed doors. Only after going through the I learned that there is a lot of important work going on in this unit, which specializes in the preservation of all kinds of texts, including archival and medieval manuscripts, ”said Syria .

Cilia said the publication dates back to 14th The team focuses on preservation before irreversible damage occurs, thus presenting the challenge of restoration.

He talked about a method called “preventive preservation,” which prevents the occurrence and progress of deterioration by cleaning and preserving the collection materials.

He said this method ensures that the library’s collections are kept in the optimal order to meet the needs of scholars. It also ensures that physical materials continue to play an important role in library activities.

In addition, there is also special storage and fumigation, among other preventative methods, to help keep publications as intact as possible due to some fragility.

“The manuscripts, the books, the maps, some of them very detailed and very old, are some of the treasures we have in the library,” he said.

Cilia spoke about the carefully controlled environment in which some publications have to be stored due to Malta’s extreme hot and humid temperatures. Small to medium sized books should be stored in an upright position to prevent separation or damage to the spine of the book.

Cilia said microfilm sessions are also available in the library so that people can take a closer look at the work. The library’s digitization process, in which materials are converted from hard copies to electronic ones, has enhanced access and improved preservation for future generations, as has already been done since the reign of the Knights of Malta. increase.

“The library is responsible for safeguarding the nation’s books and preserving national treasures and unpublished documents and manuscripts. It has an impressive collection dating back to 1107 and includes several first editions and very rare works. he said.

“An example is the 1566 version of Nostradamus and the early 16th century version of Dante Alighieri A Divina Comedia,” He said.

Asked how he would explain the importance of the national library to the general public, Syria said that while the library is certainly important to scholars, something is still missing.

“The Maltese have very little to do with our history, especially in literacy forms such as books. It sends out the message that it’s in,’ he said.

Unfortunately, Cilia says that the librarianship is not considered a professional position, and the importance of the library is lost. But dedicated people do the work nonetheless, he said.

Cilia is currently writing the following papers: Developing the Identity of Historical Libraries through Heritage Interpretation. He said the main purpose of the paper was how the National Library could protect all the identities that make us Maltese and act as a cultural center to showcase the youth of the local historical library. said to provide research. Belong while learning the history of Malta.

“People forget that librarians and libraries are gateways to knowledge and culture,” Syria said. Libraries play a fundamental role in society, he said, and their resources and services create opportunity, support literacy and education, and help shape ideas to create an innovative society. I was.

Cilia referred to author Neil Gaiman’s words: The librarian will bring you the right one. ”

“Media literacy is more essential and important than ever as it deals with fake media and unreliable sources and helps people understand the messages being conveyed,” said Cilia.

In his work, Cilia helps students plan and carry out their dissertation research work.

“The most important part of my job is building bridges with my students and contributing to their work. Librarians are like lawyers and teachers. department,” says Cilia.

The library also has a campaign to tell people that the library is a fun and interesting place. Summer programs are being held for both younger and older children to learn more about the country’s tangible and intangible heritage, Syria said.

Workshops are also held, and two sessions already held include the Malta Race, Vizilaand strategic importance on the map.

The sessions are informative and structured to address different audiences and encourage people to come to the library. I was.

Cilia invited interested people to check out the campaign on the library’s Facebook page. “Librarians are not considered an important profession” – librarian

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