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Libya urged to reschedule presidential vote “quickly”

Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the United States yesterday called on war-torn Libya to set a new date for postponing the presidential election as soon as possible.
“We call on the relevant Libyan authorities to respect the Libyan people’s desire for a swift election by promptly deciding the final date of the vote and issuing the final list of presidential candidates without delay.” A joint statement from the five countries said.
Authorities overseeing Libya’s first presidential election said it was “impossible” to hold it on schedule earlier this week. The vote marks a new start for an oil-rich North African country, more than a decade after the 2011 rebellion that overthrew and killed the Mu’ammar Kadafi administration, a year after the groundbreaking ceasefire. It was the purpose.
But speculation of delays continued for weeks.
There was fierce controversy over the legal basis for voting, the power of the winners, and the candidacy of some deeply divided figures.
On Wednesday, the chairman of the Parliamentary Commission, which oversees the vote, said, “After reviewing the technical, judicial and security reports, we announced that it would be impossible to hold an election on December 24, 2021. I wrote a letter to the chairman of the parliament. Last year, he did not propose yesterday’s alternative, a date set during UN-led peace talks in Tunis.
HNEC, the national election commission, has proposed to postpone voting to January 24 later on Wednesday.
Libyan Parliament will meet on Monday to discuss the new election schedule.
Elections aimed at coordinating with parliamentary votes were part of a UN-led peace process, but UN special envoy Jan Kubiš resigned just weeks before the vote.
One point of controversy was the passage of the controversial presidential election law by speaker Agila Surrey.
Another candidate is Seif Al Islam, the son of Kadafi. This is a divisive symbol of the old regime that the International Criminal Court wanted for allegations of war crimes.
Libya has entered a relatively mild year since the ceasefire in October 2020, following a year of Haftar’s army’s attack on Tripoli.
However, with the vast stockpile of weapons left by the Kadafi administration, new battle possibilities in Libya are always present.

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