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Libyan parliament refuses to amend the date of postponement of presidential vote

The Parliamentary Commission, which oversees elections, recommended that a “new, realistic, and applicable roadmap with clear steps” be presented.

The Parliamentary Commission said setting a new date at this stage is dangerous. (Reuters)

Libya’s parliament refused to revise the date of the presidential election scheduled for last week, leaving a question mark on the fate of polls.

On Monday, the Parliamentary Commission, which oversees elections, released a report stating that setting a new date at this stage is dangerous.

This was a direct backlash against the High Election Commission (HNEC), which proposed to vote on January 24th.

The Parliamentary Commission has been part of a parliament based in eastern Libya since 2014, reflecting the deep division of the country.

The Commission recommended laying out a “new, realistic and applicable roadmap with defined steps, rather than fixing new dates and repeating the same error.”

The report, read by Parliamentarians by Chairman Al-Haidal-Sghayer, also proposed the establishment of a committee to draft a new constitution to replace the one abolished by dictator Moamer Kadhafi in 1969.

It also called for a remodeling of the interim government of Abdulhamid Doveiba, whose mission was intended to end with Friday’s elections.

Congress has not yet discussed the proposal.

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Conflict month

Based in Tripoli, the capital of the western part of the country, Dbeibah leads a unified government tasked with leading North African countries to elections.

A relatively calm year later, the vote was Libya’s first direct presidential vote.

However, when the election oversight committee declared it impossible on the scheduled date, the months of controversy saw the vote postponed just two days before the final vote took place.

The Election Commission has not yet released a final list of candidates for the presidential election. The work was hampered by a lawsuit against the bids of several split persons.

Khalifa Haftar, a leading eastern man who carried out a one-year military attack on Tripoli, and Seif al-Islam, the son of Kadafi, a symbol of the old regime, were also accused of war crimes, and all Doveiba vowed not to escape. Especially controversial. ..

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The Parliamentary Commission said in its report that the date of January 24 was chosen based on “political” considerations, adding that the election “follows the same fate” as it was set on Friday.

Shortly before Monday’s session, UN Special Envoy Stephanie Williams urges Congress to “fulfill the country’s responsibilities” and urgently address HNEC’s recommendations “to advance the election process.”

In a joint statement on Friday, the five Western countries called for a new election timeline to be implemented as soon as possible.

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Source: AFP

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