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The European Union and Serbia have informed that they have warned of possible escalation of violence as the ongoing license plate dispute in Kosovo has not been resolved through EU-mediated negotiations. BBC.

Disputes began over Kosovo’s new rules for license plates. Serbian minorities still use Serbian license plates, some of which he issued before the 1999 War of Independence. From November 22nd, the Kosovar police will impose a fine of €150 on anyone using a Serbian license plate. Pristina insists that all Kosovar residents must use local license plates. About 50,000 Serbs, mainly living in northern Kosovo, may be affected.

The United States is pushing to postpone fines and find compromises. “Both sides need to make concessions so as not to jeopardize decades of hard-won peace in an already fragile region,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price. rice field.

After the new license plate ruling was handed down, many Serbs quit their jobs in government institutions to protest.

Serbian and Kosovar leaders have blamed each other for negotiation failures. Serbian President Alexander Vucic said the situation had pushed the region to the brink of conflict and urged Pristina not to reconsider and force new rules into force.Kosovar Prime Minister Alvin Kurti said: Blame the EU for failing. However, the EU’s head of foreign policy, Josep Borrell, said Kosovo refused to accept the compromise, even though Serbia accepted it.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence. License plate dispute ongoing in Kosovo – Baltic News Network

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