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Limitations of Strategic Key Points to Pakistan’s Geoeconomics

Sino-US competition will force Islamabad to continue to focus on strategic geopolitics.

In recent weeks Pakistan has announced a transition from geopolitics to foreign policy. Geoeconomics.. The fact that strategic competition between the world’s great powers undermines world peace and makes diplomacy unpredictable “makes economic diplomacy even more important.” Said Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qlesi. Geoeconomics means using geography as a means of maximizing financial well-being.

The desire to change the Pakistani government’s approach is understandable. Relying on geoeconomics helps reduce the costs incurred by intensifying competition between the United States and China. However, Islamabad believes that it can maximize self-interest through geoeconomics, which the international system can prevent. Pakistan cannot ignore geopolitics.

With Afghanistan, Iran, China and India as neighbors, Pakistan is in a strategic location with unique challenges and opportunities. Decades of rivals Pakistan and India were on the verge of war until 2019.Pakistan during escalation Said shot down Two Indian fighters.At that time, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan caveat Conflicts between the two nuclear-weapon states are impossible, and as he predicted, the deterrence of nuclear weapons prevented the spread into war.

As competition between the United States and China intensifies, geopolitics may rekindle tensions between the two countries. Tensions between Pakistan and India could be another battlefield. Geoeconomics has limited ability to end these tensions.

Sino-US competition

India is an important potential ally from an American point of view Balance China.. India is the second most populous country in the world and its economy is growing rapidly, which allows Washington to extend its containment strategy to the Indo-Pacific.

American representatives Insisted For years, India has decided and needed to be on its side, predicting that India will be on its side with the United States.India may try avoid That decision, systematic reality will encourage India to do so.Just as Australia was forced to participate by the international system AUKUS, India will also stand on the side of the United States.Bloody Border clash The relationship between China and India in 2020 was just a small preview of the powerful power of the international system.

Because American lawmakers see the value of India in the geopolitical picture, suggestion India abandons India from CAATSA sanctions after purchasing S-400 air defense system from Russia. Moreover, as the relationship between the United States and India deepens, India will increase its weapons to improve access to its weapons system and balance it with China.

From a Chinese point of view, Pakistan is very important. Without Pakistan, Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative would be almost impossible. Pakistan’s strategic location and access to the sea are essential to China’s geopolitical ambitions.China’s investment in Pakistan Estimated That’s $ 65 billion. The value and importance of China’s investment was probably a major consideration for Prime Minister Khan. position Regarding the treatment of the Uighur Turkic minority Chinese in China.

Pakistani people have learned from the past how the United States has Abandoned Despite the important role of Islamabad in the period after 9/11, they at an important time. Pakistan’s strategic value to the United States will further decline after the United States withdraws from Afghanistan.

In this context, geoeconomics can help Pakistan work on regional stability, generate profits and enter into mutually beneficial agreements. But economics cannot overturn the security dilemma facing Pakistan.

Achilles heel

The next period in India and Pakistan will force both sides to strengthen their capabilities and address their weaknesses. In this context, both India and Pakistan have an Achilles tendon. For India, the Modi government’s racist policy towards a minority Islamic and Christian population could turn into its greatest weakness. In addition to humanitarian considerations Alienate Instead, 213 million people when New Delhi could benefit from the Islamic population against Pakistan.When the time comes, Indian politicians will regret using it violence For Muslims and Christians.

Pakistan’s Achilles tendon becomes Afghanistan.Pakistan is already host 1.45 million Afghan refugees.Afghanistan is at stake after U.S. withdrawal and Taliban takeover Almost universal poverty.. It is in Pakistan’s interest to ensure the relative stability of the war-torn country and to ensure minimal economic activity to prevent a new wave of immigrants. Islamabad also wants to prevent foreign actors from using Afghanistan’s territory to harm Pakistan. In other words, Pakistan must manage its challenging relationship with the Taliban and convince those with strong opinions to be more decisive and realistic. While doing this, Pakistan must also try to help the people of Afghanistan and persuade the international community to accept the Taliban as a reality.

The geopolitical dynamics of the region promise that Pakistan will face new challenges and threats. By improving economic activity in the region, Pakistan can build bridges, generate wealth and reduce the future burden on the country’s international system.

For example, infrastructure investment that connects Pakistan to the European market provides Pakistan with additional opportunities. Islamabad knows this. But geopolitics helps Pakistan only in areas where geopolitics allows it.

The collective pursuit of regional integration and sustainable development in a peaceful and stable environment will help Pakistan.For example, if Pakistan succeeds in building something that is functional and efficient. Train supply line Going to Turkey via Iran, it will help the country reach the European market better.China’s investment in Pakistan as part of the Belt and Road Project gain Pakistan’s value in world trade. Stronger sea shipping links with Gulf countries and Africa could also help Pakistan expand its economic ties.

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