Lintilla welcomes the decision to ban oil imports from Russia

Minister Of economic problems Mika Rintilla The Center is pleased that the European Commission is ready to ban crude oil imports from Russia.

Wednesday lintila Said Finland has been preparing for the oil import decision for quite some time YLE: “We have been preparing for this for a relatively long time and it was like a public secret that it was proposed.”

The European Union suspected war crimes on Wednesday as part of a sixth package of sanctions aimed at banning all oil imports within six months and ending Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. Proposed to impose sanctions on some people.The suggestion is Shoot down as unacceptable Hungary met a request for a transition period from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Ursula von der ReyenThe European Commission President said the package aims to maximize pressure on Russia while minimizing collateral damage to Europe.

“This will result in a complete import ban on crude oil and all refined Russian oil, sea shipping and pipelines. The Russian oil will be phased out in an orderly and phased manner, with us and our partners providing alternative supply routes. We will ensure that we can minimize the impact on the global market, “she said. declaration..

“Therefore, we maximize pressure on Russia while minimizing collateral damage to us and our partners around the world. To help Ukraine, our own economy must remain strong. Must be. “

Lintilla told public broadcasters Wednesday that the ban was a very effective means of depleting Russia’s war funds, given its significant reliance on income from Russia’s oil exports.

“These are by no means easy decisions, and this will certainly be indirectly relevant to many stakeholders. But you must always keep in mind the main motives – in Ukraine. It makes it more difficult to finance the war, where oil plays a completely central role. “

The ban could also boost consumer prices in Finland, but the impact is not expected to be significant given that Russia’s oil imports have fallen sharply before the ban was decided. Will be. Neste, the largest buyer of crude oil from Russia, Announced about two weeks after the war Already replacing most of Russia’s crude oil with other crude oil grades such as Brent.

“My understanding is that we are currently talking about levels below 10 percent,” Lintilä said.

The ban may also have a positive impact on equalizing competition within Europe, he added. Some member countries have completely or almost completely stopped importing oil, while others continue to import relatively large amounts of oil.

The Finnish government has no plans to support consumers or businesses, especially for the ban on oil imports. However, it is drafting transportation assistance schemes to help companies cope with rising fuel prices and protect operating conditions, especially in areas where supply safety is key in Finland.

Russia’s cut off gas supply would have a greater impact than Finland’s ban on oil imports to Linthira. Added Later on Wednesday at YLEA-studio. He explained that a relatively large number of companies rely on natural gas from Russia.

“It will be a huge blow to the Finnish industry. We are talking about thousands of jobs.”

Suspension of delivery will also have a challenging spillover effect on facilities and industries such as hospitals, food industry and forestry industry. “Once Russia’s gas imports are over, the price of gas passing through Estonia will rise. Also, the price of electricity will rise. Facilities that can exchange gas will exchange gas for fuel oil. Difficult places. is.”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT Lintilla welcomes the decision to ban oil imports from Russia

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