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List of Top 100 Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Vestas

Danish offshore and onshore wind turbine manufacturer Vestas was named the World’s Most Sustainable Company in Corporate Knight’s 2022 Ranking of 100 Most Sustainable Companies in the World.

According to Corporate Knights, its ranking is based on a rigorous assessment of about 7,000 public companies with revenues in excess of US $ 1 billion.

This year, Vestas took first place, moving up the pecking order from the 21st place secured in the 2021 ranking.

Ørsted, the company’s compatriot and developer of the world’s largest offshore wind farm, has moved from second place last year to seventh place this year. Iberdrola, the developer of wind farms in Spain, has moved from 19th place last year to 25th place this year. See the complete list here..

In a press statement announcing the news, Vestas said the ranking was “related to industry-leading progress in Vestas’ sustainability strategy.”

“Launched in 2020, this strategy has established sustainability performance as a core priority for the entire value chain, including the entire supplier network. As part of the strategy, Vestas has recently been ambitious, along with carbon emissions. We have launched a circular roadmap and governance structure. In line with the 1.5 degree scenario of the Paris Agreement, internal work reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative. “

“Vestas has helped its partners avoid more than 1.7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the last 40 years, but more needs to be done to build a more sustainable future for the planet. As the energy transition accelerates, Vestas will continue to develop this transformation in close collaboration with its partners. ” Henrik Andersen, CEO, and President, Vestas.

“Improving sustainability performance was an opportunity for Vestas to create more value for our partners. Opportunities for collaboration by establishing sustainability as a priority throughout the value chain, including our supplier network. Further increase, maturity and scale of the renewable energy industry. We are still on a long way, but we are paving the way for expanding renewable energy without compromising the interests of future generations. I’m proud of it. “ Lisa Exstrand, Vestas Vice President and Sustainability Officer.

“We are rapidly moving towards a future where leading sustainability performers like Vestas drive more viable returns than their peers in global companies. This is carbon in line with global climate goals. It forms a strong foundation for achieving a neutral economy, “says Toby Heaps. CEO of Corporate Knights.

Vestas’ ongoing sustainability initiative includes a cyclical product design initiative, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste production from manufacturing, coordination with sustainability goals and strategic suppliers, and all combustion vehicles in operation. Includes replacement with electric vehicles and benefit vehicles.

Vestas is committed to leading the transition to a fully sustainable energy-powered world, so it does not use carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutrality. Instead, we achieve CO2 reduction through our own actions. r n

Carbon offset means that companies invest in environmental projects around the world to balance their carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon offset problem can be very difficult to confirm that the invested project was realistic, measurable, permanent and would not have been possible without the funds provided by the sale of credits. There is.

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We want to lead the transition to renewable energy and achieve net zero emissions in our business. Therefore, we do not use offsets to reach our goals. Renewable energy certificates (RECs) are not considered carbon offsets. REC guarantees that an additional 1 MWh of renewable energy will be generated.

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According to information on the company’s website, the company plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 without using carbon offsets.

“Carbon offset means that companies invest in environmental projects around the world to balance their carbon footprint. The carbon offset problem is that the invested project is actually measurable. It can be very difficult to confirm that it is permanent and not. Since it was done without the funds provided by the sale of credits, we led the transition to renewable energy. We want to achieve zero net emissions in our business, “Vestus said on his website.

In 2020, we took the first step, migrating 35% of our company’s benefits to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles and introducing 127 sustainable fuel vehicles into our service fleet. Our goal is for 2025 that all our corporate fleets will consist of zero-emission vehicles. r n

We also promise to reduce CO2 emissions from our supply chain by 45% per MWh generated by 2030. These commitments are based on recommendations from the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). The carbon-neutral goal of our own business was validated and approved by SBTi in August 2020.

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In 202, the company is also working to reduce CO2 emissions from the supply chain by 45% per MWh generated by 2030.

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