Livestock farmer protesting Halloumi’s blunder

In protest of high prices and overproduction, angry Cypriot farmers dumped large amounts of milk outside the presidential residence on Wednesday and dropped hay bales.

Goat and sheep farmers say they have a large amount of milk left that cannot be sold or used because they violate regulations on the production of Harumi cheese.

They have a high price for animal feed Severe situation..

Halloumi is traditionally made from goats and sheep milk and is listed by the European Union with the status of Protected Designated Origin (PDO).

But more and more, cheese makers use more milk, though outside the scope of PDO standards, and are considered more palatable to the export market.

A valuable Cyprus export, soft rubbery cheese was given PDO status last year.

That is, Halloumi cannot be manufactured and sold under that name in any other country.

Approximately 300 farmers, some driving milk tankers, arrived at the convoy on the gated grounds of the capital. So they spilled milk on the tarmac and set fire to the hay outside the front door.

During their demonstration, they caused traffic congestion and turmoil and promised to escalate their protests if the government did not. Intervene..

A representative of the President of Cyprus said farmers would be compensated by the end of this month.


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