“LLC Invest” connection.Meduza and OCCRP reveal a “network” of companies with $ 4.5 billion in assets related to Vladimirputin

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Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly a very rich man. Journalists and anti-corruption activists call him Luxurious palace Vineyard, Igora Ski ResortWhen Villa Sergren North of St. Petersburg. However, it has proven impossible to find a document certifying Putin’s ownership of these assets.

Indeed, after each major investigation, one of Putin’s old friends stepped forward to claim the assets associated with the Russian president as their own. For example, Putin’s billionaire buddy Arkadi Rothenberg Claim Owned by a villa north of St. Petersburg, while owning a luxurious home in the Black Sea Sergei LudnovThe son of Putin’s old friend Oleg Ludnov, who died in 2015.

However, all of these assets linked to Putin have at least one thing in common. They are officially registered with companies and nonprofits that are secretly connected by the technical infrastructure under the email domain.

Reporter of the Russian weekly newspaper Sobesednik First linked This email domain will be sent to a network of nonprofits founded by Putin’s friends in 2017.Currently with Medusa OCCRP Staff and owners have also found dozens of businesses and nonprofits using email addresses in this mysterious domain. In addition, these interconnected entities hold a total of at least $ 4.5 billion worth of assets. is hosted by Moskomsvyaz, an IT company closely associated with the Russian Bank (also known as “Putin Bank”). A large cache of Moskomsvyaz email metadata leaked to Meduza and OCCRP makes it common for managers, owners, and employees of these seemingly unrelated companies to use email addresses in this domain. It became clear that we had regular discussions about our business.

That appear to be part of the LLCInvest network. Together, they hold at least Includes bank accounts, including mansions, business jets, yachts, and huge amounts of cash.

Many of these companies have the same director, registered address, and service provider. Some are directly owned by the Rossiya Bank, but dozens of people, including Putin’s old friends and billionaire bankers, belong to the bank’s shareholders. Yury KovalchukAnd Putin’s Suspicious mistress Svetlana Crivonogif. Meduza and OCCRP were also able to track at least 18 companies that had no apparent relationship with the Russian bank, down to lower-level bank employees.

“The only explanation I see is that these companies are integrated by a common management system,” said a Russian corruption expert who reviewed the results of this study. Experts (not specified for safety reasons) also said that many of the owners of the LLCInvest entity approached Putin when he was an employee of the St. Petersburg Mayor’s Office in the 1990s. “”[LLCInvest] Above all, it looks like a co-operative or association where members can exchange profits and property, “he said.

Meduza and OCCRP journalists have sent emails to over 100 LLC Invest email addresses. Dozens of these emails were opened, but no reply was received.

The reporter also tried to contact a representative of the LLC Invest company by phone. The four hung up immediately. The fifth person listed as director of multiple LLC Invest companies confirmed that he was using the email address of the domain assigned after he was hired. He also claimed that he didn’t know who owned the company. “I sign the document […] Without going into the details, “he said.

Bank Rossia did not respond to requests for comment. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov provided a concise answer to a detailed question about LLC Invest. “The President of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with the assets or organizations you mentioned.”

You can read the full survey in English here..

Full text To Denis Dmitriev (Meduza), Olesya Shmagun (OCCRP), Miranda Patrusic (OCCRP), and Ilya Lozovsky (OCCRP) “LLC Invest” connection.Meduza and OCCRP reveal a “network” of companies with $ 4.5 billion in assets related to Vladimirputin

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