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The tankers that store and carry liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be located in Inga, Finland, rather than Paldiski, Estonia, as announced by Estonia’s Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Liina Sikut.

“Today we really reached an agreement on this matter,” Sikhut told ERR after she and her Finnish colleague Mika Rintila visited Paldiski, where construction of an LNG terminal is underway, as did Inga. Told.

Sikkut admitted that tankers were revealed to be stationed in Finland in July when she took office.

«Estonia will complete berthing sooner and it is in our strategic interest to ensure the ship is stationed here. [in Paldiski]» said the minister.

In the spring, Estonia and Finland agreed to place ships in countries that will finish terminals first. Estonia plans to complete its Paldiski terminal by November, while Finland plans to complete its terminal by December.

However, according to Sikkut, Finland has revealed how much the situation in Finland has changed since the spring. Russia has cut off gas supplies, raising concerns over the security of the Balticconnector pipeline connecting Inda and Paldiski after an explosion in the Nord Stream pipeline.

«However, considering concerns about the price of electricity, we would expect lower electricity prices in general in Estonia and the Baltic countries if Finland produces enough electricity. [electricity]» explained the minister.

«Finland has gas power plants with an output of about 600 MWh, which Estonia does not have. This is why Finland needs this ship to ensure the safety of its goods and needs it nearby. This is something we have agreed with our Finnish colleagues,” he said.

An agreement between Estonia and Finland provides Estonian gas traders with advance purchase rights for specified quantities of LNG carried by tanker vessels for sale in Estonia.

At the end of September, Sikkut reported that Estonia needed its own LNG tanker vessel stationed at Paldiski. She added that it will be available for rent this winter.

The storage and regasification tanker Exemplar, owned by US company Excelerate Energy, is currently in drydock in Spain and is being prepared for winter operations.

The vessel will serve Finland, Estonia and other Baltic countries for the next 10 years after signing a contract between the American company and Finnish gas system operator Gas Grid Finland. This is estimated to cost her 460 million euros over the next 10 years, plus variable costs depending on the amount of gas supplied. LNG terminal tanker ships stationed in Finland instead of Estonia – Baltic News Network

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