Local Commission Needs Financial Assistance to Host Regatta

Last month, the Bahamas’ National Family Island Regatta returned to Exuma with a win after a two-year hiatus due to a pandemic protocol. However, Grand Bahama had no place to participate in the region’s top sloop sailing festival.

Members of the local regatta committee and sloop sailing enthusiasts explained that the reason Grand Bahamas did not participate in Exuma’s regatta was lack of funding. As a result, they fear that this could lead to the challenge of hosting an annual event scheduled for the third week of July at Taino Beach.

Luther Ferguson of To Brothers, a resident of Freeport, a shipbuilder and owner of a sloop sail, described his absence at this year’s Eguzo Maregatta.

“Taking my sloop to Nassau would cost $ 1,600,” Ferguson said.

“I sought help from the (Grand Bahamas) ministry and corporate sponsors, but I couldn’t get any help.”

Boat builders believe the government needs to be more involved in supporting native sloop sailing, and said it’s not just entertainment that creates these events.

Chervita Campbell, Chairman of the Grand Bahama Regatta Committee, shares the same concerns regarding funding for national events.

“We have five members in the Grand Bahamas, each of whom was able to help spend the money of their members,” Campbell said.

“This allows their members, vendors, and other business owners to make money.”

Campbell elaborated on the need for residents to understand how hosting such an event would benefit the economy, stating:

“The magnificent Bahamians need to accept regatta. There is an opportunity to make money. The residents of Exuma understand this. The Grand Bahamians just expect it to happen.”

Campbell said the cost of staging regatta in the Grand Bahamas is much higher than the cost of Andros, Cat Island, Exuma and Long Island. Freeport has only two sloops and it doesn’t cost much to ship the sloops needed for a decent regatta. effective.

“It costs at least $ 21,000 to break into sloop (5). One option would be for the government to intervene and negotiate better bargaining costs,” Campbell said.

“Currently, we don’t have this money.”

Clay Sweeting, Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Issues, said Grand Bahama News“Grand Bahama continues to build a strong sailing community, and as interest continues to grow, the government will support island sailing ventures.

“We have supported these economic explosions in Family Islanders. We are excited to start organizing and supporting Family Islanders as a ministry. As a government, we can do as much as we can. We want to get back to normal soon. We will continue to launch new initiatives to promote economic and cultural growth, so we hope that the Bahamians will work with us to support the local economy. I would like to encourage you. “

Campbell acknowledged the support of the minister and his ministry, but said the funds sent by them would be used to accommodate and feed seafarers and to provide prize money at the event.

Campbell and her committee recently met with the Minister of the Grand Bahama to discuss future directions.

Campbell said the meeting went well, but the new budget is still inaccessible. GB news Wearing regatta may need to be postponed for another year.

Both parties agreed that residents were eager to return to activities suppressed by the COVID protocol, but it was proposed to reduce the event again.

“I think (reducing) will be at our disadvantage. Hopefully we can work with the Grand Bahama Ministry to hold an event where people can make money,” Campbell said. I am saying.

For now, Campbell has confirmed that she and her team are continuing all plans and hopes that the Grand Bahama Ministry can support the event.

Stephen Johnson, General Manager of the Ministry of Tourism of Grand Bahama, admitted that the promotion of the event in July was quite slow, but the Regatta Commission has fully supported the Ministry of Tourism to make the 2022 regatta successful. Said that he was receiving.

For now, Campbell and her committee are hoping that the company’s Grand Bahama and other stakeholders will help make the event a family-friendly day or more. Local Commission Needs Financial Assistance to Host Regatta

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