“Local experience. Explore the Croatian countryside!” – Promote Croatian countryside destinations

The purpose of the campaign is to promote a wealth of offers for Croatian countryside destinations.

After excellent promotional results achieved during the implementation of last year’s national campaign “Local experience. Explore the Croatian countryside!”, This year, the Croatian National Tourist Board is working with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to promote the diverse provision of Croatian regional destinations, especially in the domestic market.

As part of the first wave of this year’s campaign, it lasts from May to the end of July and includes seven thematic videos, including all attractions in the countryside destinations around Split-Dalmatia County, Varaždin and Zadar. It spreads from to Zagreb. Not only Podravina, Šibenik, Knin, but also Gorski kotar.

“The COVID pandemic has also brought about some changes in the habits of travel enthusiasts who are looking for quality, reliability, sustainability and safety more than ever. They are also lesser known. We also want to know about destinations and the living culture of the locals. We recognize and respect these trends and emphasize them as part of this campaign, which achieved excellent promotional effectiveness last year. Is confirmed by tourist traffic in rural areas of the continent. So far this year’s growth of 40% is the result of promotional activities in particular. Also, this year’s campaign is in the neighborhood in addition to the domestic market. It is also used to promote overseas markets. ” Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan StaničićHe added that the second wave of the campaign will run from September to October.

The face of this successful campaign is renowned host Doris Pinchitch, and interesting video material aims to promote this product. service.

“Rural Croatia provides authentic content to domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year. All research shows that modern tourists’ travel habits are changing and they want more sustainable travel. It has been confirmed that the proportion of people who are living is increasing, which is the growing interest in traveling outside the main part of the year, the environmental friendliness of the destination, and the connection with the locals. It also means a growing interest in. It is also important for tourists to leave a “green mark” and make it better than finding a place of residence. Therefore, the campaign “local experience” is continued. Explore the Croatian countryside! This is very important as it contributes to our strategic goal of developing Croatia as a sustainable tourist destination, in addition to the promotion part. “ Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac..

 "Experience the locals. Explore the Croatian countryside! -Promotion of Croatian countryside destinations

This campaign aims to promote specific content in tourist areas and will produce a “best off” video containing the best shots of recorded material from all these destinations.

Campaigns run through online and offline communication channels and social networks Croatia, vibrant With hashtag #RuralnaHrvatska When # Doživi Domaće..

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