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Look to the future and stay focused, Xi says in a New Year’s speech

China’s President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of maintaining a “strategic focus” in the 2022 New Year’s speech and keeping in mind the “potential risks” in the Communist Party’s long-term vision of turning China into a world power. did. In 2021, Xi declared that China had achieved its goal of building a so-called “moderately prosperous” society. This is a milestone for becoming a global leader in 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
“We always have a long-term perspective, be aware of potential risks, maintain a strategic focus and determination, and” achieve broad and great things while dealing with delicate and subtle things. ” “There is,” Xi said in a television speech. China, where the coronavirus was first confirmed in the second half of 2019, lost momentum after recovering from the pandemic slump, and as relations with the United States plummeted, it quickly managed Covid-19, past and present. Focuses on the achievements of. New low price.
China’s Xian Industrial and Technology Hub reported more than 100 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday, making the count of local infections the highest in any city in China this year. Official data show that Xi’An reported 155 new local cases on December 29. This has led to a relapse on December 9, forcing authorities to blockade 13 million cities, and the number of infections in the area has exceeded 1,100.
Despite the small number of cases compared to clusters in many cities around the world, Xi’An officials have moved out of the city since December 23, as Beijing demands that each outbreak be contained quickly. We impose strict restrictions on travel. “Xi’An has reached the stage of living or dying in the fight against the virus,” city government official Zhang Phoenix said at a press conference Wednesday.
Samsung Electronics and Micron Technology, two of the world’s largest memory chip makers, warn that the blockade could affect chip manufacturing sites in the region. Xi’An is also a major tourist destination, attracting visitors to the collection of Terracotta Warriors, where the first emperor of China was buried over 2,000 years ago. Authorities have embarked on multiple rounds of city-wide testing to track transmissions. Round 6 began on Thursday, the day after Round 5.
Many residents are prohibited from leaving the residential premises unless they undergo a Covid-19 inspection or attend important matters approved by the authorities. Xian police have dispatched personnel to each residential area to ensure that Covid’s curb is in place, police officials said at a press conference Thursday. This restriction restricted access to daily necessities, making many people unable to go shopping and relying on delivery. However, the restraint has caused a shortage of companies involved in ensuring delivery of goods, and the government is working to resolve the issue, a hermit government official said Wednesday.
A hermit resident, he told Reuters that he tried to order groceries through Alibaba-backed supermarket chain Freshippo’s online app, but couldn’t secure many items such as potatoes and cucumbers. According to the screenshots he provided, the app posted the message “Delivery staff not available” under many items.
According to state media, some municipalities are arranging free grocery delivery to some residential areas. A Commerce Department spokesman told reporters that the total supply of Xian’s necessities was sufficient. The blockade of Xi’An is now on its eighth day, marking the second anniversary of the early signs of a coronavirus outbreak in the central city of Xi’An.

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