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look up!Qatar Sky to See Aldibit Meteor Shower-Doha News

According to experts, the shower can be seen with the naked eye without the use of astronomical equipment or telescopes.

Get your camera ready! Qatar’s sky will be adorned on Wednesday with the Ursa Minor meteor shower, the last astronomical phenomenon of the year.

The annual event occurs between December 17th and December 26th each year, but is expected to peak on December 22nd against the backdrop of a bright moon. According to the sky of the earth..

Showers can be seen until dawn on Thursday, Qatar Calendar House announced.

In the Ursa Minor meteor shower (Al-Dibiyat), you can see 5 to 10 meteors per hour. According to NASA In Qatar, you can see it with the naked eye without using astronomical equipment or a telescope.

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Dr. Basir Marzuk, an astronomer at Qatar’s Calendar House, said astronomy enthusiasts can take a shower far from the environment and light pollution by observing the northern horizon of the Gulf countries for the best views. Can be witnessed.

Experts have explained that this phenomenon is called aldibyat. This is because the stones appear to the observer from the surface of the Earth as “falling near the constellation of the minor dippers in the north.”

For avid photographers, you may want to take out your camera. Meteor showers can be clearly captured with modern cameras to capture unique images, taking into account the increased exposure time during shooting.

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