Louise Thompson returned to the hospital after receiving a “blood warning result”

Louise Thompson returned to the hospital seven months after his son’s traumatic birth, after “warning the results of blood tests.”

Her partner, Ryan Libby, 31, shared the latest information on the Instagram story and didn’t know how “serious” the situation was, but sitting again outside the hospital’s waiting room was “catastrophic.” I feel that it is.

A few hours after Made in Chelsea star Thompson, 32, provided emotional updates on her health problems and said, “I want someone to fix me.” ..

A reality TV personality had previously stated that he had “experienced two deadly dances” while in the hospital (Ian West / PA).

Libby shares her selfie in the hospital waiting room and writes: She is getting worse.

“We are now back in the hospital because Louise received some amazing blood test results (this time it’s private because we were disappointed by the NHS).

“At this point, I don’t know how serious this is, but it’s miserable to sit outside the hospital waiting room seven months after Louise gave birth.”

The Made in Chelsea star continued. Work, make money to keep the business alive, help Louise and Leo, try to catch up with my own ambitions (and fail).

“It’s not like I’m talking about this, but I feel it’s very s *** right now. Maybe this unload will help.”

Thompson became open to health fights and PTSD after suffering complications when he gave birth to his son Leo Hunter at the end of last year.

Prior to Christmas, a television personality revealed that she “danced with two deaths.” Her newborn baby also had to be treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the time.

On Wednesday, she revealed she was having a hard time climbing the stairs without feeling tired, but she was still experiencing “pain.”

Thompson posted a photo of himself with his arms folded and covering his eyes with the caption “Yesterday was a good day and today was a bad day.”

The TV star continued. “When I spoke to a psychiatrist, she told me to make sure that all the physical health doctors I see take my concerns seriously.

“I just don’t want to be labeled as” mentally upset. ” I now feel that it is often overlooked. “

She recently said she had regained some blood test results that showed that “a significant number” of her levels were “too high or too low,” and described the news as “incredibly triggered.” did.

Looking back on how her life has changed since giving birth, Thompson said:

“Now I can hardly climb the stairs without feeling tired. I also feel the worst pain. I just want someone to fix it.”

She shared another image of herself that looked emotional, adding that her “poor body and brain are everywhere.”

Thompson also asked fans if they had ever taken her particular mental health medication. She sometimes felt “very overwhelmed and sad,” and then she suddenly felt she was “completely paralyzed again,” she said.

The TV star appeared in Made in Chelsea’s first series in 2011, becoming one of the protagonists of the E4 show, starring partner Libby during a shoot in Southern France in 2016.

The couple became engaged in 2018 after he suggested during a hiking trip in Los Angeles. Louise Thompson returned to the hospital after receiving a “blood warning result”

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