Love Island star Tommy Fury refuses to enter the United States

Tommy Fury has revealed that he has been denied entry into the United States set up to preview his upcoming battle with Jake Paul.

Tyson Fury’s 23-year-old brother will face YouTube celebrity Paul on August 6 after the first battle was canceled last year.

Fury posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday, recorded it on Monday night, and explained the situation. He claimed that he had “no clues” as to why his application for entry into the United States was rejected.

Jake Paul will face Tommy Fury on August 6th. Photo: Adam Davy / PA

“So I want to come here and set a record before anyone else tries. I and my team are ready for a press conference this morning and ready to take off at Heathrow Airport I’ve arrived, “he said.

“As soon as I entered the airport, I was pulled to one side, and a Homeland Security official who was there told me that ESTA was rejected and I couldn’t travel to the United States.

“I can say I’m standing here and doing nothing wrong, and I don’t know why travel to the United States isn’t allowed.

“I’ve been training for the fight all this time, and that’s all I’m doing. I don’t know why they don’t allow me to travel today, and my team is also a lawyer. Also do not allow.

“So now I’m going to the embassy and everything of this kind and trying to solve it, and I’m in the middle of training, everyone, I don’t know why this happened today -It’s huge and shocked me and my entire team.

“Obviously it’s a problem that needs to be solved. It’s a government problem. It’s much bigger than the current battle and I’m trying to sort it out but I wanted to let you know where it was. only.”


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This issue casts doubt on the reorganized match set for Madison Square Garden in August after the ribs were injured that Fury had withdrawn from the scheduled battle last December.

Earlier this month, Tyson Fury was allegedly denied access to the United States over a relationship with Dublin’s criminal boss Daniel Kinahan, but WBC World Heavyweight Champions are moving away from these relationships. ..

Meanwhile, Paul continued his leggings with Fury on Twitter, writing: .. My team and partners have clarified the steps needed to resolve the latest excuses. Take them or admit scary little b *** h. #TommyFumbles “. Love Island star Tommy Fury refuses to enter the United States

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