Loviny Weekend Food Festival 2022

The Weekend Food Festival is back and will be held from 05.05. Until 08.05.2022. In Rovinj. The exact location is the old tobacco factory.

The festival brings together the best experts in gastronomy, catering, mixology, oil and coffee.

Weekend Food Festival Lawson 2022

Rovinj 2022 Weekend Food

Therefore, you have the opportunity to hear the personal experiences of famous chefs around the world. In addition, you can learn from them in the master class. Lectures will be held on gastronomy, mixology, wine and coffee making.

In addition, a coffee weekend is planned where you can enjoy the aromas and flavors of new coffee. In the mixology class, you can taste unique cocktails and learn bartender tips and tricks.

Finally, the whole experience is enhanced by playing music. Need more to say?

Rovinj 2022 Weekend Food Festival

Rovinj 2022 Weekend Food

Most names have already been announced and include the chef Rasmus MunchIt is an interesting dish because it also includes an art installation.

Sergei When Ivan BerezutskiyWhen Ana RosIs also a chef at a restaurant with two Michelin stars.

Above all, the famous Italian chef Massimo Botula 3 *** It is also located at Michelin Star’s Osteria Francescana Restaurant.

Spaghetti salad with caviar from Massimo Botula

Spaghetti salad with caviar from Massimo

finally, Paul Ivic Is an Austrian chef with Croatian roots working at Tian restaurants in Vienna and Munich. Heavenly Restaurant is one of the few Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurants in the world. Guided by the Zero Waste philosophy, Paul Ivic is passionate about educating people about healthy foods.

Paul Ivic's chocolate dessert

Paul Ivic’s chocolate

These are just a few of the names that attend a weekend food festival.Feel free to visit for more information on attendees and events Weekend food festivalOfficial website.

All recipes can be found in the book Cook Eat SloveniaAvailable in online store. Loviny Weekend Food Festival 2022

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