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Department of Motor Vehicles enforcement officers, working with traffic police, are riding non-compliant or unregistered devices, or using power-assisted bicycles or personal mobility devices on footpaths where power-assisted devices are not permitted.35 Caught more than one false rider.

These errant users were spotted during patrols in about 15 towns across the island in the run-up to National Day.

A photo of some of these riders stopping and carrying the device Facebook Hashtag #UpLorry by LTA on August 11th.

Those who ride illegally

The caption provided context for the posted photo.

Two of the passengers were allegedly caught in non-compliant PABs that also displayed fake license plates.

Another two riders were said to have been spotted riding non-compliant PMDs on sidewalks and roads.

All illegal bicycles, PABs and PMDs found on public trails and roads have been seized, according to the LTA.

Under the law, PABs, also known as e-bikes, can only be used on roads and cycling paths.

PMD can be used in the Park Connector Network.

Authorities will also ensure users of PABs and e-scooters that their devices are registered and comply with general device requirements, including certifications required to address fire risks and improve safety. urged to do so.

All bicycles must have at least one functioning handbrake in order to be ridden on public roads and roads.


Using a prohibited device on a pedestrian street carries a fine of up to SGD2,000 for the first offense.

Using a non-compliant device on public roads will result in a fine of S$10,000.

Speeding on public roads is subject to a fine of S$2,000.

If you are caught using the device on public roads without passing the theory test, you can be fined up to SGD2,000 and/or imprisoned for 6 months.

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