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LuLu emphasizes health and wellness, says Altaf

LuLu not only solidifies its reputation as an environmentally friendly company that strongly advocates sustainable development, but is also a partner in Qatar to promote sports and an active and healthy lifestyle, top executives said. I am saying.

Dr. Mohamed Althaf, Director of LuLu Group International, mentioned Absidra Mall, which houses LuLu’s “largest and most innovative hypermarket in Qatar.” LuLu’s 15th store in Qatar, the hypermarket, opened to the public in September.
“The mall is complete and will be fully open by January 2022. The shopping center focuses on health, wellness, fitness and sustainability. Sports and wellness themes. Being a facility, people can find a variety of products and services that promote a healthy lifestyle, “he says.
According to Altaf, Absidra Mall not only has a variety of fitness and wellness stores, but also a wellness clinic, yoga studio and gym for both women and men. “But apart from these, the mall also offers amenities for the entertainment section and family fashion brands,” says Altaf.
“We are not actively looking for high-profile brands, but looking for brands that seem to fit the theme of the shopping center. We have a large number of” healthy brands “and sports apparel in our stores.
“A large area is dedicated to sports and entertainment and can do a lot of activities, especially for children. Look for health conscious people and places to exercise and get fit around the shopping mall. There is a jogging course for those who are, “explains Altaf. “Most of the space in the mall is already leased. Out.”
Harun Kadri, Manager of Lease & Mall, said Abu Sidra Mall is almost 75% leased and offers a “very premium brand”. With the presence of the 24,000 square meter LuLu hypermarket, he said the customer footprint could reach nearly “10,000 visitors on weekends” and about 8,000 on weekdays.
In a previous statement, LuLu Group Chairman and Managing Director Yusuffali MA said that hypermarkets are “for Qatar’s leadership vision and energy, and for some of the group’s global expansion plans that have already put the group on Deloitte’s top 150 list. Reaffirm your trust. ” 2021 global retailer. “
In a previous interview with the Gulf Times, Altaf emphasized that the Lulu Group is seeking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030 as part of its Sustainable Development Initiative. As a retailer pioneering sustainable development in Qatar, Altaf said all new LuLu stores in the country are based on the principle of sustainability.
“Our strategy is very clear that we need to reduce all carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by at least 2030, and by 2050 we will definitely be net zero. I want to be carbon-neutral, “he emphasized.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706635/LuLu-to-put-premium-on-health-wellness-says-Althaf LuLu emphasizes health and wellness, says Altaf

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