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LuLu Hypermarket Wins Prestigious “Service Hero 2021” Award

LuLu Hypermarket, the largest lifestyle shopping destination in Kuwait and a major retailer in the region, has announced that after Kuwait consumers voted retailers as the “best supermarket 2021” in the country, the prestigious “Service Hero 2021” Received the “Customer Service Evaluation” award.

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This is the third time LuLu Hypermarket has been selected for this annual award after receiving the Service Hero 2012 & 2013 – Customer Service Evaluation Award from Kuwait’s Best Specialty Store.

In a post-ceremony media statement held to award the “Service Hero 2021” award on March 7, Kuwait’s top LuLu hypermarket executives said all key customers, applicants, and candidates for voting. We thanked and thanked the other stakeholders. Trust in the brand. The statement also highlights the hypermarket’s pride in winning the only 100% consumer-led customer satisfaction index in the Arab world.

“As a responsible retailer, we have a well-organized and hygienic market where we can buy high quality products at the most competitive prices in the world for our loyal customers and the great country of Kuwait. It is our commitment and obligation to promote. The atmosphere of class shopping, “said a statement from Kuwait’s hypermarket management.

The statement further adds: “We also prioritize enriching and refreshing the product range available on the shelves to meet our customers’ tastes, desires, requirements and choices. Our future expansion plans are also our top priority. Designed to extend our services to all regions of the country and meet the demands of different sectors of our customer base in the most efficient way.

This award is considered to further prove the widespread loyalty and popularity of the brand and its customer-oriented services among Kuwaiti shoppers. LuLu Hypermarket won the 2021 award following a detailed and rigorous evaluation procedure that evaluated criteria across several service aspects.

Among the aspects investigated by index evaluators are the quality and variety of product ranges in hypermarkets, the reliability and speed of service delivery, the attitude of staff, the convenience and value of location, the hygiene of stores, and the products. There was availability, usefulness and functionality. Of their online presence.

Next, the brand with the highest overall customer satisfaction in each service category that met the minimum voting requirements was awarded the Pole Position Award. Launched in 2010, the Service Hero Awards is the only national index that awards awards based solely on consumer feedback. The assessment is overseen by an independent advisory board.

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