Luxembourg enters the Press Freedom Index

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Luxembourg has dropped out of the world’s 20 best press freedom rankings in Reporters Without Borders (RSF) annual rankings, despite grants approved last year aimed at supporting the voices of various media. The group said on Tuesday.

The Luxembourg media organization enjoyed “great freedom”, but the Grand Duchy One spot fell every 21 seconds from last yearIn an analysis of a group of 180 countries t. Scandinavian countries occupy the top three, Norway ranked first, followed by Denmark and Sweden.

Like Norway and Sweden, Luxembourg Direct government subsidies not permitted by most other European countries.. The law was updated last year to devote more money to online publications and publications in languages ​​such as English and Portuguese, in addition to the three official languages. Each publisher is eligible to receive an annual grant of € 30,000 for each journalist it employs, up to € 200,000.

However, RSF reports that access to state-held information is still not generally guaranteed, despite pressure from journalist unions against refraining from public information because of the protection of personal data. , Its publication is often resisted.

The Luxembourg newspaper law guarantees freedom of speech and protection of sources, the group said. Newspapers are widely read and the level of public respect for journalists is one of the highest in the EU, the group quoted from the European Commission’s findings.

However, due to the small size of the country, numerous media are often at odds with the economic interests that have a great influence on the Grand Duchy, RSF reported.

Luxembourg has had a complex experience with press freedom, In 2020, the EU expressed concern about public access to official government documents and “selective” disclosure of information...

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel Promised to improve media access to information during a meeting of the Luxembourg Journalists Association Last September.

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