Luxembourg expands foreigners’ right to local elections

Expatriate voting rights are the theme of the current Luxembourg Times advertising campaign.

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Luxembourg is designed to make it easier for foreigners to vote in local elections in order to increase turnout when voting in cities and towns where more people do not have a Luxembourg passport than the public.

Parliament may adopt the bill, which will withdraw the requirement that foreigners live in the country for at least five years before participating in local elections shortly after Monday’s committee meeting.

The law will allow foreigners to vote and run for local elections without the need for such long-term residence requirements, regardless of whether they are EU citizens, and will be in time for next year’s vote.

Non-Luxembourg people make up about half of Luxembourg’s population and about 70% of the capital’s inhabitants, the latest figures are Its strong population growth in Luxembourg When Employment growth is being driven by foreigners, including non-EU immigrants.

In the last local elections of 2017, Less than a quarter of resident foreigners have signed up for voting. A study by the Center for Cross-Cultural Society has shown. According to the Parliamentary website, one-third of foreign residents, about 75,226, were not allowed to register on the local government’s electoral list because they did not meet the criteria.

Luxembourg holds joint elections every six years and appoints mayors and councilors to decide on local budgets and infrastructure projects.

The overwhelming majority of the 2015 referendum rejected the idea of ​​giving foreigners the right to vote in national elections after living in the Grand Duchy for more than a decade, hitting Prime Minister Xavier Bettel’s first government. I did. measures.

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