Luxembourg may use military planes to fight forest fires

The Airbus A400M Atlas is a four-engine European military transport aircraft.

Photo credit: Jerry Huberty

Luxembourg could use its huge A400M warplanes to fight bushfires, defense minister François Bausch said in a test in Spain on expensive aircraft carriers as Europe suffers a historic drought. After showing that it is possible to make it work, he said.

“Such a system could be an economic and ecological option for countries with large forest areas and operating A400M in fighting forest fires,” said a Spanish conservative. Bausch said in response to parliamentary questions about the test in Spain from a number of nationalists. ADR.

“Climate change is increasing forest fires even in our latitudes, [these planes] It cannot be ruled out in future consideration.”

Luxembourg operates Airbus A400M transport aircraft with neighboring Belgium. These aircraft are one of only seven groups of countries in the world with aircraft costing between €140 million and €180 million, according to the Joint Arms Cooperation Organization.

After the Afghan capital Kabul fell to the Taliban last year, planes flew to the region to repatriate staff to Europe. took military equipment to Europe insteadLater that year, Planes were used to transport vaccines to Africa.

Tests in Spain, which has struggled to contain forest fires during this year’s extremely dry summer, have shown that the plane can expel about 20 tons of water every 10 seconds.

The rain returned to Luxembourg on Wednesday, but the country would still consider flying, Bausch said.

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