Luxembourg pop-up shop

Luxembourg pop-up shop


Stop by one of Luxembourg’s “pop-up” shops to buy clothes, sustainable household items, or jars of honey.

Stop by one of Luxembourg’s “pop-up” shops to buy clothes, sustainable household items, or jars of honey.

Pop-up shops allow new entrepreneurs to exhibit on High Street

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Pop-up shops are here today, so tomorrow I’m going, so it’s hard to put together a list of places to come and go. Fortunately, many of the companies mentioned in this article a year ago have opened permanent stores.

High rents make it difficult for new entrepreneurs and those selling craftsmanship and creativity to find a permanent home. Pop-ups provide an ideal solution, and Luxembourg now has locations on Capsaicin, Grand, Philip II, and Oliger streets specifically designed for pop-up shops. rental..

With their temporary nature in mind, we have listed some pop-ups or aggregates that regularly host pop-up markets and events. Let yourself be something different from a high street brand and support local artists and artisans.

If you miss an important pop-up collective or location, please let us know. Add to the list.

Clothing and jewelry pop-ups

Forgive the closet Selling used clothing at Various pop-up locations In Luxembourg Remal Deluxe I will do it Pop-up fashion show There is also a pop-up shop at 8 rue Aldringen where you can meet creators. Respecting people, the planet, culture and innovation, Hels1nk1 It is also on Aldringen Street. A modern and sustainable lifestyle store that sells beauty and skin care products, clothing and upholstery. You can see which popup is displayed in Royal-Hamilius Here..

Royal Place-Hamilius is home to Caritas / Fair Trade Rethink your clothes Campaign pop-up store Let’z RefashionEthical and sustainable shops and workshops selling garments made from recycled and second-hand goods. We also hold workshops on how to restore or create existing wardrobes.You can find out more about rethinking your clothes This article..

In 26 rue des Capucins, “Made in Luxembourg“Jewelry works from” Romantic Koloman Moser.. The work is unique and handmade.It’s just around the corner My little cornerA concept store with small French designer brands such as clothing, accessories and jewelry. The shop updates its collection on a regular basis, which guarantees a little exclusivity to what you buy.

Charity pop-up

The Red Cross because I lost the permanent home of Hollerich Vintage mood While the Red Cross’s permanent second-hand store is in Rivange, second-hand and refurbished furniture stores operate on a pop-up basis. Recent pop-ups were held at Kirchberg and Howald.

Food pop-up

Lux Honey Jael Curiel & Co in Cloche Doll has a pop-up selling organic honey, pollen grains and beeswax candles. We also sell our products at the Strassen market and various pop-up craft events in Luxembourg.

Home and decoration pop-ups

Lëtz mixGrand-Rue, 43, wants to make your life easier with home-use solutions. Consider a cordless vacuum cleaner and a thermomix here. She also sells Herbalife products, protein bars, and sports nutrients to help her stay fit.

The nearby 40 Grand Rue has restored furniture, stationery, handmade Italian bags, and even well-named soap. Nana’s choice.. You will also occasionally see pop-ups in Esch-sur-Alzet.

Selling sustainable household items and accessories that combine craftsmanship and industrial aesthetics Julie Conrad Design Studio It is open at 30 ruedes Capucins until the end of August.

Creative pop-ups

Creators and creative pop-up markets and workshops are often This is Gron, LGo local We hold regular pop-up markets selling craftsmanship and locally produced products. We regularly hold seasonal craft trade fairs that ask local entrepreneurs to sell their products.You can find a list of events Here..

Kids pop-ups

Bricks4Kidz Is a pop-up of Rue Xavier de Feller 1 in Bonnevois, running a brick-themed soil science activity and educational workshop for children and adults.You can know their details Website..

Other pop-ups

Pop-up esh

Esch-sur-Alzette takes advantage of free space to host up to 7 pop-ups at a time for 1-2 weeks.You can now see who is there every week calendarAnd if you own a business that wants to try pop-ups in Esh, you can know more Here..

Access Remich There are shops that regularly host local pop-ups, page Many other pop-up stores are also listed.

Would you like to open a pop-up shop in the city?

For more information on renting about 45 square meters, one of the city’s pop-up spaces, visit vdl. Website..

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