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Luxury designer Nino Cerruti has passed away

Celty was one of the leaders in men’s ready-to-wear fashion in the 20th century, while at the same time having an elegant and relaxed style.

Nino Cerruti, a pioneering Italian fashion designer who started Hollywood, died at the age of 91 (Reuters)

Italy’s pioneering fashion designer Nino Cerruti died at the age of 91. Reported on Saturday.

Dressed by many Hollywood stars in their heyday, Celty introduced “casual chic” to men’s fashion when he created his first disassembled jacket in the 1970s.

He died at Vercelli Hospital in the northwestern part of Piedmont, where he was hospitalized for hip surgery. The Italian daily Corriere della Serra reported on its website.

“A giant among Italian entrepreneurs has left us,” said Gilbert Pichette, Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

Tall and slim, he always insisted on trying his work first. Many were stored in a textile factory established by my grandfather in the northern town of Biella in 1881.

“I’ve always dressed the same person, myself,” he once said.

Born in Biella in 1930, Cerruti dreamed of becoming a journalist.

However, after his father died at the age of 20, he was forced to give up his philosophical studies to take over the family’s tex tile factory.

In the 1960s he met Giorgio Armani and hired him as the creator of men’s fashion.

Before Armani diverged himself in his fashion house in 1975, the duo made a deep mark on the world of fashion.

Celty opened his first shop in Paris in 1967, making his luxury brand world-famous.

“Clothes only exist from the moment someone wears them. I want them to stay alive and absorb life,” he said.

When a French student protested in 1968, he revolutionized fashion by asking male and female models to wear the same clothes and walk the catwalk.

“Pants gave women freedom,” said the designer who created his first line of women’s clothing in the 1970s.

Nicknamed the “philosopher of clothing,” the man wore American actors Richard Gere and Robert Redford, as well as French star Jean-Paul Belmondo.

He also made cameo appearances in the Hollywood films Cannes Man (1996) and Holy Man (1998).

Source: AFP

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