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The student’s “excitement” led to a clothespin grabbing the principal

Bahamas, Nassau — Yesterday, an eighth grader at LW Young Junior High School picked up a clothespin, bumped it into his fist, swung it around to the principal, grabbed his forehead and called the police to the school.

According to Education Director Marcellus Taylor, the principal found a girl on campus “behaving in an agitated and improper manner” and tried to keep her away from the crowd.

As the educator did, she took the student’s hand in her hand, but the student pulled away and began screaming at the principal, eventually waving at her with a clothespin.

“The principal was beaten because it grabbed the principal’s forehead, but she’s okay,” said the director.

“And of course, they were able to take the student to the office and calm her down.

“They called her parents, called the police, and they have a problem.”

The principal did not need to see a doctor.

“I want to clarify this, but obviously the students have crossed the line, and it’s a completely unacceptable behavior,” Taylor said.

“And, of course, as you know, students will have to face the consequences of that particular action.

“But I just hope that, as you know, some of the things that are floating are not true.”

The case was one of two quarrels at school yesterday.

When the students were released at the end of the day, LW Young’s students were struck by rocks thrown by students from other schools and needed medical treatment.

According to Taylor, when he was taken to the hospital, the students were aware that “there wasn’t much to get in the way of blood.”

He said students from other schools were identified and authorities were intervening.

Taylor was asked about the increase in violence on school campuses that recently returned to face-to-face learning after nearly two years of virtual school. Anyone on the school campus.

“And arguably, that’s one of the trade-offs you make when you have students on campus.
“You go to some element of cheating.

“When the students came back soon, we saw it more, and we took some action to try to control it a little more.

“You may remember that the police came to the campus and took special action. We sent police officers to the school campus.

The director said he was able to decisively attribute the cause to the police on campus, but disciplinary action cases are declining.

“But we are very happy with how we work with the police.

“What we want to do is keep finding ways to give students better control over themselves and encourage parents to act when they come to school.

“Some of these things are flooding school campuses from larger communities, so as a Bahamian in general, we are worried about violence in society and will do our best to curb it as much as possible. is needed. “ LW Young student swipes principal and another student is in hospital – Eye Witness News

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