M5S Enters Civil War-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 20-The Five Star Movement (M5S) is a loggerhead with former Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio of the group and is openly in a civil war with leader and former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. rice field.

The M5S National Council held a four-hour overnight meeting to discuss Di Maio’s criticism of Conte’s position that Italy should not send any more weapons to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion. ..

Dimaio said this would lead Italy’s position to no longer be in line with its EU and NATO allies.

Conte argues that continuing to provide military aid to Kyiv risks prolonging the war and the suffering it causes.

There was speculation that Sunday’s M5S meeting would lead to the expulsion of Dimaio from the movement.

This didn’t happen, but the prospect of the minister leaving is still on the table, and many political analysts see a high probability of division.

The situation could be exacerbated on Tuesday, when Prime Minister Mario Draghi reports to Congress about the Ukrainian War and lawmakers vote on related resolutions.

M5S has been in high tension after the terrible results of recent local elections. (ANSA).

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