MAC denounces ‘wishful thinking’ and ‘lies’ in China’s Taiwan white paper

TAIPEI, Aug. 10 (CNA) Taiwan’s Continental Affairs Council (MAC) on Wednesday denounced China’s newly released white paper on Taiwan as “full of wishful thinking and ignoring the facts”, accusing the Taiwan Strait of reaffirmed its position that neither side is under China’s control. jurisdiction of others.

In a press release, MAC said it “strongly objected” to a 13,000-word white paper titled “Taiwan Issues and China’s Reunification in a New Era” issued by China’s Taiwan Bureau earlier the same day.

After threatening Taiwan with military force, China released a white paper repeating “the same old pro-unification platitudes”, ignoring both international law and the realities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, MAC said.

The council described the paper as “full of wishful thinking, ignorance and lies,” citing China’s threats to Taiwan’s sovereignty on paper about its “post-unification development prospects.” accused of doing so.

Refuting Beijing’s unification theory, MAC pointed out that “the Chinese Communist Party has not ruled Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and the Matsu Islands for a single day.”

“Taiwan resolutely rejects the principle of ‘one country, two systems’, insisting that neither side of the Taiwan Strait has jurisdiction over the other,” he said. “This is the current state of the Taiwan Strait, the current reality.”

MAC’s ferocious rebuttal followed Beijing’s release of its first white paper on Taiwan since 2000 earlier in the day, in which it reiterated its warning that it would not rule out using the military to occupy Taiwan.

“We are ready to create a vast space for peaceful reunification, but leave no room for any form of separatist activity,” the white paper said. not waive” and “not waive reservations”. The option to take all necessary measures. ”

However, the paper also clarified that such drastic measures would be a “last resort” and would only be used “to respond to the provocations of separatist elements and external forces.”

Meanwhile, the white paper reiterated that China continues to regard “one country, two systems” as the basic principle of “solving the Taiwan issue”.

“To achieve peaceful reunification, the mainland and Taiwan must recognize that they have their own social systems and ideologies. It’s a policy,” he said.

The white paper also strongly criticized Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for pushing for “de-Chinaization” and “gradual independence” while refusing to recognize the one-China principle. rice field.

According to the white paper, these actions, which have increased tension in the Taiwan Strait and endangered peace and stability, are “obstacles that must be removed in advancing the process of peaceful reunification.”

Meanwhile, the United States has said it has “clouded the one-China principle with uncertainty and undermined its integrity” by engaging in official exchanges with Taiwan, increasing arms sales, and “colluding in military provocations.” He was criticized in the same paper.

More broadly, it argues that these efforts by “outside forces” aim to “use Taiwan as a pawn to undermine China’s development and progress” at the expense of the Taiwanese people. did.

Tensions between China and Taiwan, and between China and the United States, reached their highest levels in recent decades as China launched an unprecedented series of military exercises around Taiwan after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last week. soared.

Full text: English / Chinese (via China’s Xinhua News Agency)

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