MAC members had lunch at Pavyllon

Members of the Monaco Ambassadors Club first tried the new Pavillon restaurant by Yannick Alleno at the Hermitage Hotel. The club is increasing the schedule of post-pandemic events with new and exciting offers.

Under the high sponsorship of Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Monaco Ambassador Club (MAC) has always hosted gorgeous gala events such as summer parties, Goodwill Ambassador Awards Gala and Christmas parties. This is an opportunity for members and guests to enjoy the best of Monaco with friends and like-minded people while celebrating the club’s mission to promote Monaco’s value around the world.

But MAC also has new impetus. Planning an intimate lunch at one of Monaco’s most popular new restaurants.

The latest members’ lunch will take place at Pavilon, a new restaurant by Yannick Alleno, who holds the 13-Michelin star at the Hermitage Hotel.

On the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, members have the opportunity to get to know each other, network and enjoy a wonderful Michelin star lunch.

Following a similar lunch Sponsored by MAC in April A partnership with Société des Bains de Mer to promote the circular economy of the Principality at Hôtel de Paris’s new Em Sherif.

“Meeting members in small groups over the past few weeks has been a great experience for everyone,” says MAC President Christian Moore. “This gave some members the opportunity to meet for the first time, and others were able to properly catch up with everything that had been overlooked in the last few years. Adapting to the new normal is MAC. Is a priority for moving forward. “

Through such events, MAC aims to provide members with the opportunity to form valuable connections and improve their personal and professional lives.

The club was founded over 50 years ago at the request of Princess Grace, who wanted to bring together the diverse population of Monaco, promote the benefits of the Principality and encourage her to share her love for Monaco on the international stage. rice field.

The next event on the MAC schedule will be the night of the Goodwill Ambassador Awards Gala on June 11th, when real estate tycoon John Christo Drow will be awarded the prestigious title.

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The photo above is from left to right: Willy Gunty, MAC Club Manager Catherine Bernaz, Lorenzo Turco, Monaco Editor-in-Chief Cassandra Tanti, Alejandr Luis, Sayed Benhamed, Parisa Corsand, Amir Reza. Corsand.

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