Macedonians may be able to study in Bulgaria for free and go to university –

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student Students from the Republic of North Macedonia may start higher studies education Completely free in Bulgarian universities. You may be relieved not only of the tuition fee, but also of the application fee. This is foreseen by the changes proposed by the Acting Secretary of State. education Professor Sasho Penov in Decree No. 228 of 1997.

so far, student accepted under this decree (up to 300 per year) paid the same fees as Bulgarians student By state mandate. The amount varies depending on the specialty.

What is the acceptance system like? macedonian student doctorate student Determined annually by decree of the Minister. education After coordinating with the Permanent Interdepartmental Committee for Conducting Educational Activities Among Bulgarians Abroad.

admission of candidates student Organized by Ministry education In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Commission CultureIt is done through paperwork or one or more competitive examinations, depending on the specialization applied for. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducts the examination. education and science.Enrollment in doctoral course student It will depend on the documents. Rankings are conducted by a committee with the agreement of each high school.recognized as student The Ministry of Education will issue a certificate of enrollment. education and culture.

the funds needed for education of student doctorate student – available for up to five students per year – are provided by the state through the state budget, through the budget of each high school.

The purpose of the proposed changes is to standardize the regime. macedonian student Acceptance in our country is evident from Minister Penov’s reasons given in his report to the Council of Ministers. There are now two decrees of his: No. 228, which adopted paying tuition fees equivalent to those of Bulgarian colleagues, and No. 103, which provided for admission and study for free.

The first proclamation macedonian Citizens, 2nd – No. 103 of 1993 – for conducting educational activities among Bulgarians abroad, including compatriots living in Albania, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine. increase.

By proposed changes in PMS No. 228/1997, educationThis is one of the most important priorities for Bulgaria’s policy direction regarding the Republic of North Macedonia and its Bulgarians.The aim is to improve the regulatory framework for the approval of student From the Republic of North Macedonia to public high schools education institution. As a result of the changes, the long-standing attraction policy of the Bulgarian state macedonian Citizens by simplifying the admission process to higher education in Bulgaria education Institution continues.

The proposed changes to PMS No. 228/1997 proposed by the Bill are the result of discussions and recommendations of the Interagency Working Group on Application and Approval of: student From the Republic of North Macedonia to public high schools education Institution established by order number R-141 dated 14 September 2021 of the Prime Minister of the Republic Bulgaria”, Professor Penov, former dean of the Faculty of Law and chairman of the Legal Council of former President Georgi Parvanov, wrote in his report.

Cost of high school tuition student Funds from North Macedonia will be compensated with funds from the State Budget. Additional amount required for 300 student For the year, 2023 is Brev 345,000, 2024 is Brev 390,000 and 2025 is Brev 390,000.

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