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Workers renovating a 186-year-old temple in Tainan City found a machine gun bullet on the roof. This is likely a relic of a US air raid at the end of World War II, the Tainan Cultural Heritage Conservation Society said.

According to the Cultural Properties Association, Sankoji Temple in Jiali District was built in 1836. Exquisite clay carvings and other construction methods, a traditional Fujian style courtyard, and the Golden Tang Hall reflect the characteristics of Taiwan’s integration of Buddhism and Taoism. .. The Tainan City Government registered the temple as a historic building in March last year and confirmed the value of its cultural property.

Due to a serious leak in the main building, which is over 100 years old, restoration work has recently been carried out. During the restoration, craftsmen found a bullet jam in the roof ridge structure.

Photo: Tainan Cultural Properties Protection Association

At the end of World War II, Allied aircraft bombed targets and strafed targets in Tainan City, according to a survey by the Cultural Association.

Historical records and a detailed diary kept by a local doctor indicate that Jiali District was the site of an air raid on May 10, 1945, when it was estimated that more than 300 bombs were dropped on Tainan City. I made it clear. Wu Shin Rong’s diary states that there was a fire in the city. The bomb shelter adjacent to the temple was strafed by machine gun shooting.

Further attacks occurred on June 27, and Wu pointed out that the tactics of the enemy aircraft had changed. Bombs were dropped first, then incendiary bombs, then machine gun strafing, and finally gasoline.

The Cultural Association concluded that the bullets found on the roof were the relics of an air raid that occurred between May and June 1945.

Aerial view of the bombing of Tainan Air Force Base 1945

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