Macron is ready to host the Sophia-Skopje conference in

French President Emmanuel Macron (left) and Bulgarian President Rumen Radev (right)

President Emmanuel of France Macron He announced that he was ready to meet in Paris. “When the time comes“, Representatives of Sophia and Skopje authorities conclude a bilateral agreement that will allow negotiations to begin on the accession of the Republic. North Macedonia (RNM) To the European Union, AFP reported and quoted by BTA.

France, which is holding the EU Presidency in turn until the end of this month, said, “several weeksThe Elysee Palace said last night, “Efforts to find a solution to the conflict between the two countries MacronTelephone conversation between Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and RNM Prime Minister Dimital Kobachevsky.

The communiqué was also made by the President of France in his “Full support for an agreement between the two countries that will contribute to good neighbor relations (When) Specifies the European perspective North Macedonia“.

In November 2020, AFP said Sophia blocked the start of EU accession negotiations with Skopje due to bilateral conflicts over language and history.

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