Madame literacy seems to stimulate interest in reading in border areas

Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA)-Madame Literacy, Satono Unisa, in the Sambas district of West Kalimantan, said he is committed to raising and raising people’s interest in reading at the Indonesian-Malaysian border.

“Sambas is the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. We are often regarded as an underdeveloped border. From now on, let’s get rid of that stigma by opening the window of the world through literacy. I would like to raise people’s interest in reading in Malaysia. “When I was contacted by Sambas on Saturday, Satono said.

According to its official website, the Madame Literacy or Bunda Literacy Program aims to build a culture of literacy in families, educational institutions, and society.

Satono, who has just been appointed to Madame Literacy by the director of the Sambas, said he will do his best to carry out his duties and duties with a prepared strategy.

“I will do my job as much as I can. As a border area (community), we need to be very interested in reading so that the community literacy index goes up,” she added.

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Mr. Satono said he is optimistic that the literacy rate in his area will increase with the great support provided by the Sanbus administration in the form of appropriate public facilities and services.

“Now there is a proper library, magnificent, luxurious and very comfortable. There are many facilities there. This is a strong commitment by the Sanbus district government to raise people’s interest in improving literacy. It’s proof that you’re out, “she explained.

Meanwhile, Mr. Satono, the head of the Sambas district, congratulated Mr. Unisa and expressed his hope that he would work with the Sambas administration to raise interest in improving the literacy rate in border areas.

“Congratulations to Unisa, who has been appointed as Madame Literacy in the Sambas district, and to the formalized operation of Madame Literacy in the Sambas district. We hope that its presence will raise people’s interest in literacy,” he said.

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