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Maersk Drilling launches the Horizon 56 Branch

For the past two years, Danish offshore drilling company Maersk Drilling has led the development of “first products” to support the digitization of offshore drilling processes.

The solution named RigFlow has now been spun off into a digital-focused company named Horizon 56 A / S, driving further development and commercialization. HORISON56 has offices and employees in Copenhagen, Stavanger and Aberdeen to support customers around the world.

“Horizon 56 was founded as a wholly owned Maersk Drilling subsidiary and has the ambition to attract strategic investors to further develop the company and its products and services,” said Maersk Drilling.

The offshore drilling contractor describes the solution as follows: “The RigFlow solution standardizes and digitizes core workflows related to superior construction processes within offshore drilling operations, such as energy company onshore planning units, real-time information exchange between offshore drilling operations. Teams operating rigs, And a service company that supports operations. Other benefits of RigFlow include convenient and user-friendly solutions for providing digitized drilling instructions, and data and insights that support faster and more detailed analysis of drilling operations. Includes automatic reporting for “”.

Jesus Trupp, Managing Director of Horizon 56, who previously led the development of RigFlow within Maersk Drilling: “From dialogue with global oil and gas companies, the timing of RigFlow’s delivery is well adapted to market trends. We see that global demand is expected to grow further. We are excited to be part of driving the digitalization of the industry. Our product roadmap adds to further value creation for operators and contractors. Includes an exciting solution for. “

Originally named Drilling Process Platform (DPP), RigFlow was scoped and developed by Maersk Drilling’s innovation team from early 2019 vision and validation.

“As a result of extensive operational and market research, the solution has been designed, tested and is currently deployed on several Maersk drilling rigs. Scope and development collaborates with digital leaders in the oil and gas sector such as AkerBP and Equinor. Was carried out, “said Maersk drilling.

The purpose of Horizon56 is to develop and provide digital solutions and services to both oil and gas companies and drilling contractors, with the goal of expanding into adjacent markets outside the oil and gas sector. ..

Horizon 56’s first product is a RigFlow solution that digitizes core workflows, including information and data flow between operator well planning and offshore rig operations, so that both onshore and offshore teams Greatly improves efficiency and transparency.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/492996-maersk-drilling-launches-horizon56-branch-to-digitalize-offshore-drilling Maersk Drilling launches the Horizon 56 Branch

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