Main interests of foreign companies in Attiki Odos

Investment interest in the Athens ring road Atiki Odos concession deal exceeded expectations with a total of eight bids by Thursday, proving estimates by state officials who talked about the strong presence of foreign investment and construction groups. bottom.

Most of the eight bids submitted are for purely foreign bidders from countries such as Spain, Australia, Italy, Portugal and France. Meanwhile, Greek construction company Intrakat did not participate in the bid, despite being bound by negotiations with the two consortia. On Thursday, sources from the company did not rule out participation in the next stage of bidding by joining one of the bidders.

At the starting line of Greece’s largest concession agreement, which is estimated to reach a price of € 2 to 3 billion, there were four consortia involving Greek companies. These are a consortium of GEK Terna, FSArk Holdco and Aktor Concession-Avax-Ardian. Collaboration between the Macquarie and Fincop Infrastructure consortium, a vehicle in which ventures, Mytilineos, Vinci Highways, Vinci Concessions and Mobility Partners, and the Copelouzos Group participate. Australian company Macquarie has recently acquired 49% of grid operator DEDDIE and is one of the largest infrastructure funds managing assets worth € 370 billion.

FSArk, a partner of GEK Terna, is a vehicle of the Igneo Group and manages € 14.5 billion in funding. Joining the current operator of the Attica Ring Road, Ardian is the world’s second largest concession company in the management of road infrastructure, with assets of € 120 billion, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Chile. ..

Other participants from abroad are the consortium of Abertis Infraestructuras in Spain, which manages 8,600 km of roads, Gruppo Fininc-INC SpA in Italy, which belongs to the Dogliani family based in Turin, and Brisa-Auto EstradasdePortugal-Rubicone Bidco. The first two are from Portugal and Rubicone Bidco is from the UK.

There is also a pure French bid by a consortium of Vauban and DIF and EGIS, and the final bid has already secured a concession for Egnatia Odos. Main interests of foreign companies in Attiki Odos

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