Make sure there are no cigarette ads, stalls near the school: Ministry

ANTARA-The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection has urged authorities to ensure that there are no tobacco ads or stalls selling tobacco to reduce youth smoking in areas near educational institutions.

“We also need to think about ways to make schools and educational institutions non-smoking areas, and how to prevent tobacco sales stalls and tobacco ads from reaching schools,” said the ministry’s coordinator. Anggin Nuzula Rahma, Head of Health and Education in the Children’s Rights Fulfillment Department, said Thursday.

Rama’s statement was titled “Does the Government Continue to Promise to Reduce the Epidemic of Child Smokers to Achieve the National Medium-Term Development Plan Goals of 2020-2024?” National Children’s Day It was held at the webinar of. As observed here.

In addition to restricting the sale of cigarettes, the ministry urged local authorities to ban cigarette advertisements and expand non-smoking areas, she said.

She then reminded her parents to set a good example for their families and children by not smoking in front of them.

“Parents need to set a good example in front of their children, especially because of the negative effects and exposure to tobacco smoke, and the environmental impact of smoking (behavior),” says Rama.

Officials pointed out that filtering negative information requires cooperation among various stakeholders such as the government, business community and the mass media.

The ministry is also paying attention to the children’s forum’s desire to propose that the government not only limit cigarette advertising, but also provide rehabilitation services to child smokers.

“They delivered the voice of Indonesian children in 2022. One of their aspirations is to optimize efforts to manage the spread of cigarette advertising, publicity and sponsorship to the government and society, and children’s smoking. We are proposing to provide special rehabilitation services to people, “Rama said.

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