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Malaysian HGIS uses Ocean Alpha USV for shell

January 13, 2022

Credit: Ocean Alpha

HGIS, a Malaysian geosolution provider, is using the 5.5 m M40P developed by Ocean Alpha, the first unmanned ground vehicle (USV), to submarine the TALI field for a project with Brunei Shell Sekiyu (BSP). Completed a completely remote coastal inspection of the pipeline.

As a project highlight, USV will be deployed to capture submarine data from offshore, nearshore, and onshore fields, with continuous geography for pipeline routing and submarine infrastructure construction, operation, and maintenance in field development. Provides data support.

The USV was remotely controlled and monitored using Ocean Alpha’s control system from a station near the Shell Crude Oil Terminal, approximately 4-5 km from the Talifield pipeline. The USV autonomously carried out accurate investigations with minimal human intervention, allowing investigators to devote more effort to critical data analysis and risk identification, Ocean Alpha said.

Growing interest in USV

“A variety of factors, such as the labor shortage due to COVID and the industry’s common goal for sustainable development, are driving USV interest. The M40P is moving the offshore industry by digitizing and reducing workflows. It’s a platform developed specifically to accelerate. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions, “said Ran Zhang, general manager of Ocean Alpha, a Hong Kong-based USV maker.

“Performing the survey off the shore is a unique and exciting experience for us,” he said. Alexis One Urock“The introduction of unmanned technology will undoubtedly reduce HSSE exposure and research time,” said HGIS Executive Director, supporting sustainable economic development by reducing human activity at sea and reducing fuel consumption. Our goal has been realized realistically. “

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493455-malaysia-s-hgis-uses-ocean-alpha-usv-for-shell-pipeline-survey Malaysian HGIS uses Ocean Alpha USV for shell

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