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Malegaon terrorist suspect Pragya Thakur cricket after bail

Bharatiya Janata’s MP Pragya Singh Thakur, who has been accused of continuous bombing of Malegaon and has been released on bail for medical reasons, has skipped court hearings, but has recently been regularly held at sports arenas.

Following her appearance on the sports ground, Pragya was recently seen playing cricket in Bhopal.In a video tweeted by NDTV On Sunday, you can see the BJP MP playing cricket, and some of her supporters can be seen cheering for her and chanting “Bharat Maataaki Jai.”

“When I was released on bail in the Malegaon bombing for medical reasons, I saw BJPMP’s Pragya Singh Thakur playing cricket in Bhopal.” I read the tweet.

Contaminated parliamentarians appear to be appearing regularly at local sports grounds. In the past, she has been seen playing basketball and kabaddi on various occasions. For prisoners rescued from prison for medical reasons, Takul appears to be spending just enough time to regain her health while being exempt from court hearings and other obligations.

In October of this year, Srinivas BV, National Chairman of the Indian Youth Conference, gave a video of the sitting BJP MP with the caption “When is her next hearing at the NIA (National Investigation Agency) Court?” I shared it.

Similarly, BJP MP was seen playing basketball in July, and Twitter user Nikhil issued a tweet asking her about playing basketball while skipping court dates. did.

“Pragya Thakur dodges court dates for’medical reasons’, but she’s a good fit to play on the basketball court. Wow. “Read the tweet.

https://www.siasat.com/after-bail-malegaon-terror-accused-pragya-thakur-plays-cricket-2248300/ Malegaon terrorist suspect Pragya Thakur cricket after bail

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