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Mali asks Denmark to withdraw troops “immediately”

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Junta, who governs West African countries, called on Denmark to withdraw its troops “immediately”, saying it had not been discussed and the deployment did not comply with the Protocol.

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world and suffers from ongoing rebellion. (AFP archive)

The Mali junta has called on Denmark to “immediately” withdraw about 100 recently arrived special forces deployed in the troubled Sahel.

The military government, which came to power in a coup d’etat in August 2020, said in a statement on state television that “this development took place without consent” on social media on Monday.

Danish troops said at the time that about 90 Danish troops had arrived in Mali and joined European special forces to support the country’s anti-military operations earlier this month.

The unit, whose deployment was announced in April 2021, is stationed in Menaka, eastern Mali. The mission was scheduled to be carried out until early 2023.

Operation Barkhane

Denmark has previously dispatched troops to participate in military interventions in Mali, some in the United Nations MINUSMA peacekeeping forces and others in France-led Operation Barkhane.

The new unit was scheduled to join Task Force Cuba, a 900-member French-led unit launched in March 2020.

Other contributors are the Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy and Hungary.

European countries have expressed concern about the delay in deploying mercenaries from the Russian Wagner Group to the soil of Mali and the return of Mali to civilian rule after the coup.

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