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Mali rejects allegations of Russian mercenary deployment

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Mali says Bamako and Moscow are only involved in partnerships between nations, and Russia only supports national defense and security forces.

Mali is the epicenter of the rebellion that began in the northern part of the country in 2012 and spread to neighboring Niger and Burkina Faso three years later. (AFP)

The Mali government has refused to deploy Russian mercenaries from the domestic Wagner group.

The denial followed the concerns raised by a group of 15 Western forces involved in the fight against the militants of the Sahel.

The government said in a statement released late Friday that it “formally denied these unfounded allegations” about “suspicion of the development of elements from Mali’s private security companies.”

The Mali government “requires evidence from independent sources,” and said there are “Russian trainers” in Mali as part of strengthening the operational capabilities of defense and security forces.

Bamako was “only involved in an interstate partnership with its historic partner, the Russian Federation,” said a statement signed by government spokesman Colonel Abdulai Maiga.

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Raised concern

A group of 15 Western forces on Thursday began deploying to Mali, accusing Russian mercenaries working for the controversial Wagner group of providing material support to fighters. He expressed his anger.

Countries involved in the fight against the rebellion in Mali, such as Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, said they “resolutely condemn the deployment of mercenary forces on Mali’s territory.”

This was one of the first officially acknowledged by the Western capital that fighter deployments had begun in Mali after several months of warning to the Bamako government.

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