Malta will host 2022 Rugby Europe 7s Conference 2 in June

Malta Rugby Football Union will host two Rugby Europe 7s Conferences in June this year, and Malta will face five countries to promote the Rugby Europe ladder.

In a statement, MRFU announced that Rugby Europe 7s Conference 2 will be held at Hibernians Stadium on June 11th and 12th.

Malta will face Slovenia, Slovakia, Kosovo, San Marino and Estonia to be promoted to Rugby Europe Conference 1, the third tier of European rugby.

Each team will play in a round-robin and then proceed to a playoff structure that determines which country will achieve the promotion.

This is the first time Malta has hosted a rugby European tournament of this height.

MRFU said the tournament “provides sports enthusiasts with a great opportunity to appetite the 2023 GSSE Small Nations game, where Rugby 7 will be one of the show’s sports.”

“The opportunity to host such an event is a big step for Malta’s rugby not only to recognize the national team and its performance, but also to reaffirm its position as the host of international events,” said George. Zamit says. Montebello, Acting Chairman of MRFU.

“Being able to host such an event is also a win for the volunteers who enable these events behind the scenes. We hope this will be the first of many events in Malta in collaboration with Rugby Europe. “It’s done,” added Zammit Montebello.

MRFU says it is looking for a corporate partner to enable this event, and those who are interested should send an email to Rhona Xerri. [email protected]

MRFU thanked Sports Malta and the Maltese Olympic Committee for their support and said it allowed the union to participate in such a large event.

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