Malta’s medical cannabis industry reaches a milestone with its first export to Germany

Materia Malta has completed the first commercial export of medical cannabis to Germany, making it the first company to export medical cannabis from Malta for sale in other countries.

Materia is a leading producer and distributor of medical cannabis in Europe. Materia Deutschland GmbH, the German distribution subsidiary of the company that undertook the shipment, has begun selling to pharmacies and has already accepted many pre-orders. Germany is Europe’s largest medical cannabis market.

Nick Paterasu, Managing Director of Materia in Europe, emphasizes: We are proud to be a company that establishes a new frontier for the Maltese and European cannabis industry. “

Kurt Farrugia, CEO of Malta Enterprise, welcomed the news. We have been working tirelessly to achieve this result. At that moment, we will be pushed to other frontiers in the medical cannabis field. “

Building an ecosystem

Materia is one of many other operators that have recently established a headquarters in Malta since the legislation permitting the production of medical cannabis products for research and medical purposes was enacted in 2018. ZenPharm, ASG Pharma and Panaxia Pharmaceutical MPXI are already licensed for their business in Malta.

Malta Enterprise has led this economic niche through its support for the government in passing the bill and its promotion in collaboration with other government agencies, especially the Maltese Pharmacy under the leadership of Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott. MMA is a regulatory agency that issues licenses to companies after a rigorous process that enables production in Malta and export from Malta to the European market and beyond.

The future of Malta’s medical cannabis industry looks bright as other companies are in the process of licensing it within the next few months and will eventually be able to export to different countries. Malta Enterprise has also approved a number of start-up projects related to the research and development of cannabinoids, their use in various therapeutic indications, and the innovation of industrial processes related to cultivation and extraction.

Malta is an ideal testbed for research given its small size and business-friendly approach. In addition, the schemes offered by Malta Enterprise enable a favorable financial and financial package that can help companies build businesses, purchase equipment, transfer machinery and personnel, R & D projects, payroll, operating costs and more.

Malta Enterprise also supports human resources training. The “Magill Medical Cannabis Course” was held in March 2022 in collaboration with Malta Enterprise, IDEA Academy and McGill University. This course covered topics such as plant development and genetics, processing techniques, quality assurance, physiological effects, and the separation of fact and fiction. , Clinical trials, etc.

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