Man (34) charged with murdering partner (26) in Meath

Larisa Serban’s partner is in custody after being advised to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after Gardaí was charged with murdering the mother of two children at his Co Meath home.

Selvan died around 5 a.m. on Friday at the house he rented in Russmore, near Asboy.

Medics and security arrived, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her 26-year-old Serban, from Romania, has been in Ireland for several years.

She lived in Co Westmeath before moving with her family to Athboy about a year ago.

The defendant, Daniel Branard, turned himself in. After his arrest he was taken to Ashbourne his Garda station where he was held overnight for questioning. On Saturday afternoon, he was charged with murdering Larisa Servan in his home on August 12th.

Branal, 34, who is also Romanian but has a domicile in Russmore, Asboy, County Meath, appeared before Judge Miriam Walsh at a special session of the Trim District Court on Saturday night.

Dressed in a blue T-shirt, navy tracksuit bottoms and runners, Mr. Branard stood silently during the brief hearing. He listened to the proceedings with the help of an interpreter.

Kells Police Department Detective Sergeant Colm McNally told the court at 2:05 p.m.

Defendant was charged at 3:08 p.m. and warned that if he had anything to say, he would delete it and use it as evidence.

The court heard that “he did not reply to his attention and was handed a true copy of the indictment.”

Attorney Maurice Regan said there could be no bail application at this stage.

A district court cannot grant bail in a murder case that can only be considered by a high court. Judge Walsh remanded the detained Mr. Branard to reappear in Trim District Court on Tuesday via video link.

Regan told the court that the interpreter was helpful during the investigation. The judge said it was “essential” for the accused to have the help of an interpreter at the upcoming hearing.

Regan said his client met the criteria for legal aid, and the judge noted that there were no legal objections.

Judge Walsh granted that and agreed with the defense’s request to direct a psychiatric evaluation of Mr. Branaard while he was in custody.

“There were many issues related to my advice that he didn’t accept,” the lawyer explained. Man (34) charged with murdering partner (26) in Meath

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